Red Exclamation Point on a Lyric Alarm System

Red Exclamation Point on a Lyric Alarm System

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Red Exclamation Point on a Lyric Alarm System


hey di war is still in here with alarmgrid today we're talking about what is the red exclamation point on my lyric system so I'm gonna be talking about the lyric controller today and I'm also gonna briefly mention the lkp 500 which is the wireless keypad design for the lyric so to start off as you can see here we have our lyric setup powered on and everything wherever a Home icon lit and we have this icon lit as well so what this icon is it is your panic option this is going to consistently stay read consistently stay lit a lot of people think that this means error means something's wrong with the system they ask how they can turn it off I can fix it you can't turn off it's just gonna say late reason that's just staying late all the time is if you know say you don't have all the lights on it's dark in the house or anything like that and you need to access that you can see very clearly where it is super easy so as mentioned this is a panic option what it does it sends out specific signals to a Central Station obviously if the panel is hooked up with the Central Station through an alarm dealer and those signals will either indicate that you need police medical fire anything like that basically emergency services sent your house right away it's more of a specific error specific signal being sent out a poster just like a burglar alarm where a sensation could kill still contact you to see if you're okay usually panics a lot of people prefer that they just have dispatch right away on these and then call them after to see what's going on so to start off basically what we're gonna do is I'm gonna hold this down for about four seconds as you can see it shows us our options on the screen it shows fire police and local alarm now I'm not going to press any of the options right now just to show you that nothing is happening pressing that did not trigger a panic all I did was show us our signal our options and then as you saw it times out so if I don't do anything if I just sit here if I keep talking it's just gonna timeout go back to the home screen because nothing is happening what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna back out real quick to show you I'm gonna trigger the police panic on this the police panic by default is set to silent so there's not gonna be an audible alarm going off I just want you guys to see how it functions and what happens when you do it a lot of people think that it doesn't work when they try it so for panic once again about four seconds holding that down nothing's happening I'm gonna press police and then as you see it's kicked us back to the home screen now this is why a lot of people think the police option does not work so as mention it's set to be silent by default so that's meaning that you don't want someone to know that this is going off so the panel also opposed to just not having any audio doesn't give you a visual representation that it's going off besides two things first thing you want to look for is at the top as you can see it says not ready to arm and then the other indicator is our home icon here before it was a solid green I'll show that again now it is a blinking green so these are our two indications that the panic is going off we know that's being sent out we know the signals being sent out now if there's a burglar or someone in the house if they walk by this panel and they see those they don't know what that means unless they're very versed in systems of course but they're just gonna see this thing they look at the panel it looks like it's just on its home screen nothing's really happening the home icon is blinking who knows why it's not right at arm who knows why they won't pay too much mind to it now what we're gonna do is just disarm it so I can show you how the system looks when it is disarmed so we're going to do security disarm one two three and real quick before I do the four it will not show here either that there's a panic going off this is just our comm error that's a completely separate error there's no other indication that anything else is going on so we're disarmed as you can see our home icon is now a solid green LED and at the top it says red it armed so now we know that the system is disarmed it's no longer sending out a panic signal there's no emergency nothing going on and then that's much good on that so for the keypad this isn't powered up so it's not going to show any of the LEDs same idea applies this will stay consistently lit for the reason that if you're in the dark you need to find this for this one obviously there's no touch screen so what happens is when you press on that panic option for about four seconds same as the controller these options will light up same as the controller where it shows you the options there and then basically once again pressing one of these will indicate the panic and initiate the panic and then send out the signal now as you can see there are a couple other options on here I'm not going to set those off because they're audible I don't want to mess up you know the sound quality on this or hurt anyone's ears if you have headphones in or anything like that so the local alarm is an audible alarm it does not send out a signal it basically is just a noise maker it's meant more to scare people off opposed to getting the authorities out the police as I mentioned by default is silent you can have that set up as an audible alarm as well you just have to you know either go through settings on here or contact your dealer and they can do that remotely and then finally fire so fire is there as well it's an audible alarm that does send out signal that gives you a nice big indicator on the screen when it's tripped fire alarm was going off so everyone knows if anyone saw that they know there's a fire panic there's also a fourth option that can be enabled either through programming on the lyric by going through the zones or simply or just having your alarm dealer do it for you remotely that's a medical option so the medical option it is audible but it's not as loud as a calf ire panic a burglar alarm if you have the police option enabled the local alarm anything like that it's more just an indicator that there is something going on it's sending out that signal the medical signal the reason it's not as loud as if you know if someone's having a heart attack on the ground or something like that if there's an actual medical emergency you don't need and loud blaring sirens to make it worse for that person it's just no point so it's it's still a tone so people know what's going on but it's not as loud as the other tones so yeah once again so when you get those set off depending on how you have this set up with your alarm dealer and their Central Station it could either be for us you know we aren't we asked our customers do you want this do you have you know dispatch first or do you want to be called first to verify the alarm reason we ask that is is sometimes in some households you know there's kids is people that are all handsy they want to touch a lot of things they can mess with this accidentally set off the panic however as shown before it's kind of hard to set off accidentally because the app will hold that down for about four seconds so if I'm a kid if I just keep pressing that nothing happens at all I have to hold it down consistently for four seconds and then press another option on there so the two button press makes it kind of hard accidently trippi's which is why a lot of people just have dispatch first right away they figure if I'm pressing this panic I need the authority sent I'm doing this on purpose get them out to my house right away so again that's just something yet to come you have to discuss with your alarm dealer how you want that set up some areas will have you know like alarm permits or anything like that that's besides the point you have to check with your local police department on that you know just in case there is a false alarm or anything you want to make sure that you're covered as well yeah I mean there's not really too much to go over with a panic option it's a very very simple feature it's gonna stay consistently lit just to make sure that you can find it just as a review again nothing happens while you're pressing that down it's just showing you the options so don't be afraid to press that if you want to see it just make sure you don't press one of these options unless you need the authorities sent out same thing for the keypad when you press that down unless you press one of these nothing is gonna happen it's just gonna show the options as lit and then nothing happens till you press one of them and that's pretty much the same for any system that has a panic option usually it's gonna have panic option either requiring amount of seconds being pressed down or it's gonna show the options on the screen if you did have more interest in learning about the lyric system learning about panics monitoring anything like that feel free to check out our website alarm and if you did like this video please like and subscribe and hit the bell icon down there to be notified if we release more content and you know feel free to reach out to us with any questions we are here to help you can either call us or email us our phone number is eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight or the email of support at alarmgrid calm thank you for watching and have a great day