Reset the Lyric's Master Code

This video is about Resetting the Lyric's Master Code.

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This video is about Resetting the Lyric's Master Code


hi DIYs Joey from alarm grid and today we're going to show you how to reset the master code on a lyric security system now there's actually three different ways to reset the master code you can do it on the panel itself you can do it through Total Connect 2.0 if you have the system monitored and also if you have the system monitored you could have your security company remotely program the or update the new code for you and push it right down to your panel first though let's show you how to reset it on the panel itself we have our lyric right up here and our master code is the default one two three four now the master code is the first user in system programming and it sits in user slot number two you use a slot number 1 is the installer code which you don't ever want to use to arm or disarm your system because if you didn't use it to arm the system you won't be able to use it to disarm the system the master code works like any other regular user except that it also has the ability to get into the master user programming which lets you adjust different user codes and other system settings so let's take a look at that to get to the master user code programming menu you're going to click on Tools and then you enter one two three four and here you go you have users events advanced keypad Wi-Fi config voice commands reminders date and time under users this will display all the different users on the system and you can actually update all the codes right through here and as you can see the master is right up here if you did want to update it you just click it click Edit and then you're able to change the user code by selecting the user code field entering a new code and then clicking done let's say though that you don't know what the master code is on a lyric system but you only know what the installer code is using the installer code you are able to reset the master code back to its default one two three four I'll show you how to do that now so let's just back out of here to the main menu to do this you'll need to install our codes ours is the default for one one two so we're going to click on tools enter for one one two click on program and then I'm going to click the down arrow over here as you can see there's a field that says reset master code if we click that and then click yes to reset the master code that's going to default it back to the one-two-three-four code and then you'll be able to get into that master code programming and also arm and disarm the system so let's just back it out to the main menu that's really useful if you move into a new home and there's a lyric on the wall and you don't happen to have the master code but you do have the installer code it'll let you locally just jump right in and change that code now if your system is monitored and you have a total Kinect 2.0 subscription and it's active you'll notice that there's actual users that you can edit in the program including your code if you're the master user on there you'll be able to see that you can update your code directly through Total Connect 2.0 sync it with the panel which will push it down to your system and update it on your system also if your system is monitored you could call your security company as they'll be able to upload your entire panels data to AlarmNet which are this is the server cluster that Honeywell uses to manage all of their security systems from there they'll be able to update any code you want on the system including any programming on the system say that and push it back down your panel for you the only benefit that the master code does have over other user codes is that you can get into that master code programming menu and it's the only code that's going to let you add edit or delete user codes so don't give it to anybody that you don't want to be able to edit codes on the system as they will be able to do that also with Total Connect the master code or the master user that is what the main login for the program is and that's actually gonna have to be the code that syncs with the panel what that means is that in Total Connect when you perform a user sync the correct code or the master code in the first sync is gonna have to be a hundred percent correct as in it will need to line up with the code that's on the panel after that sync process is you're good to go if you do have Total Connect and you notice that your user sinks are failing it's likely the master code is not the same either in Total Connect or on the panel and the best thing to do in that situation is just check the code that's in both Total Connect and on the panel edit them to make them exactly the same perform that user sync that will be successful and then Total Connect will start working fine for you again those are the different ways to change the master code on the lyric security system if you did have any questions on this or any security related matter feel free to give us a call head over to the website send us an email to support at alarm grid comm or even jump on chat did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe and if you want to be updated when we post future videos hit the notification button and we'll send you an update when we do so thanks for watching and have a great day