Resideo ProSeries: Batteries Used and Why


In this video, John from Alarm Grid explains why the PROA7 and PROA7PLUS panels seem to have different types of batteries.


hi diy-ers this is John with alarm grid and I'm here to explain some of the confusion over why the pro A7 and pro A7 plus panels have been coming with two what appears to be two different batteries uh some have been coming with the two cell battery which is known appropriately as the pro A7 uh bat to this is the pro A7 bat 3 just for reference we'll get to that the problem came because of covid which caused supply line chain failure when residio formerly known as Honeywell released the batteries or excuse me release the panel and release date of the panel they could not obtain this battery they're manuf their supplier couldn't get them this battery because of the supply line changed so rather than put off the release they went to this battery which also works um this is the pro 7A bat three uh Honeywell always intended the panel right on this battery pack it's designed to run on this battery pack this battery pack was simply introduced and used for maybe the first year of of issuance of the panel because they could get this and it worked and they couldn't get this now Honeywell guarantees that either of these battery packs will give your panel uh 24 hours of full life after a power failure uh that's the UL standard they both meet it but because this was the battery that was the panel was designed to run on this is the panel this is the battery the panel was intended to use this is the what the panel comes with now this was basically a substitution due to supply line chains this battery the three cell battery is no longer available just this battery but both of them work well this is a 5 000 milliamp battery this is a proximately a 7500 milliamp battery uh but both of them meet the spec and you will only be getting this battery into the future so that's why you'll find two different types of batteries in the Pro A7 and pro A7 plus panels questions you can email us at support or go to our website if you found this video helpful like And subscribe hit the Bell icon for notifications this is John with alarm grid have a great day