Honeywell Home Tuxedo Is Not a Standalone Alarm Panel

Honeywell Home Tuxedo Is Not a Standalone Alarm Panel


In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid explains how the Tuxedo Keypad is not a standalone alarm panel. The Honeywell Home Tuxedo is a touchscreen keypad controller for a Honeywell VISTA Security System. It also serves as a Z-Wave Plus hub for setting up an automation network. The device can technically be used on its own as an automation controller, but most users get the Tuxedo to pair with a Honeywell VISTA System. As a touchscreen keypad, the Tuxedo can make it much easier to control a VISTA System, especially for users who are not familiar with security systems.

Since the Tuxedo is typically what a user will be interacting with on a daily basis, many users think that it is an actual security panel. However, a VISTA Panel is normally hidden away inside a storage closet, garage, attic, or basement. The panel will be found inside a beige metal enclosure for security purposes. The user will need to find this panel if they need to make hardware changes for the system. The Tuxedo is merely used to control this system and perform commands such as arming and disarming. It should not be confused with an actual alarm panel.

Although the Tuxedo can be used as a standalone automation controller, it doesn't really offer any security functions on its own. You cannot program security or life-safety sensors to the Tuxedo, and the Tuxedo cannot respond to sensors being faulted or activated. Rather, the Tuxedo only indicates a change in status for a connected Honeywell VISTA Alarm System. If you have the Tuxedo set up with a VISTA System, and the VISTA System goes into an alarm, then the Tuxedo will show the alarm as a way of alerting the user. But it is important to understand that it's not the Tuxedo that went into alarm. It is the VISTA System that is in alarm. The Tuxedo is just showing the alarm status of the VISTA System.


hi diyers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be answering the question of whether or not the honeywell home tuxedo keypad or the residio tuxedo keypad is an alarm panel and the answer to that question is no the tuxedo is not an alarm panel it is a keypad you use it with an alarm panel specifically a honeywell vista alarm panel this is a hardwired alarm panel and you use it as a keypad for controlling your alarm system so um if you were to use this as a standalone device without an alarm system you would really only be controlling connected z-wave devices you technically can use the tuxedo without an alarm system as a stand-alone z-wave controller but very few people are going to do that because if you're looking for a standalone z-wave controller or a z-wave hub then you would normally just get a dedicated device for that purpose such as samsung smartthings the main reason to get a tuxedo is because you are looking for a keypad specifically a touch screen keypad for a vista system now when you interact with your tuxedo on a day-to-day basis um you know a lot of people who don't know security systems very well maybe they inherited the system they moved into a home and they just saw this on their wall and they thought this was their system but what they might not know is that somewhere often in a storage closet or in a basement maybe a garage or the attic out of sight it doesn't have to be out of sight but just for aesthetic purposes um it often is um you'll actually have a beige metal cabinet uh that is your alarm your alarm panel and that's what we have here um you see the circuit board is the actual panel and then it's housed in this this metal cabinet for security purposes um so this is your alarm panel and then you have a keypad that's used to control it such as a tuxedo you can have an alphanumeric keypad such as the 6160 or a fixed english keypad like the 6150 which is a bit covered up by our communicator right here so those are some of the keypads you might have or you might have an old style tuxedo which this is the tuxedo touch and this is just the regular tuxedo right here that we're pointing out today um so no this isn't your alarm panel this is a keypad for controlling your alarm system you can do a variety of different functions on the tuxedo um if i click on security and then i do arm away i do arm away then it arms away it's it's armed the system uh so uh we're actually using the tuxedo to control our system and then i'll choose disarm and i'll enter in our master code which r is at the default of one two three four you usually change that code for security purposes but you see that we're controlling our system using the tuxedo another thing you can do if we choose this more choices button right over here and i go to console mode then i can use the tuxedo in the same way that i would use um an alphanumeric keypad so this is good for programming the system and just to demonstrate that i'll get into programming mode we'll enter in our installer code which ours is up default four one one two then we enter eight zero zero and you see it says installer code 20 indicating that we have entered programming and you'll notice that the alphanumeric keypad is also connected with the system and it also went into programming mode so when i do something on this then this also displays the the new setting as well um so just for fun i'll exit using this using star nine nine and always use star 99 to exit uh don't use a different command to exit or else you will become locked out of programming and you'll have to backdoor in or you might become locked out permanently and that would really be a bad time so um and once we exit programming the tuxedo does uh reboot that's normal whenever you exit programming it does do that just as part of a refresh when it's getting information from the panel because this is the panel not this this is just a keypad that's all this is for controlling the system this is the panel down here or wherever you have it in your closet your attic wherever but you look they're looking for this so if you're trying to change the prompt ship then you'd look for this not this this is just the keypad that you interact with so the tuxedo is not an alarm panel it is a keypad um if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video you have any questions about the tuxedo or the honeywell vista alarm panels or about alarm monitoring services send an email to support and remember to subscribe to our youtube channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank you