Self-Monitoring a Honeywell L3000

Self Monitoring a Honeywell L3000

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In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid explains how you can self-monitor a Honeywell L3000 Security System. The term "self-monitoring" refers to the practice of ...


hi diy-ers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be talking about how you can self monitor a honeywell l3000 uh that's a honeywell lynx plus l3000 security system and just to show you uh we have an example of an l3000 uh right here it's not powered on and it hasn't been used in a while uh this is an older security system but it can be used with alarmnet and total connect 2.0 when set up properly so self-monitoring is possible um many people encounter the l-3000 in various apartment complexes sometimes we jokingly refer to it as the apartment security system uh you might find maybe you found one in in a home you purchased um like i said an apartment a rental home or something you can still buy them new but they're they're older and uh the touch pad the numeric touch pad on the front of the panel it's not as inviting as a touch screen system a wireless touch screen system like a honeywell lyric or a lynx touch so you don't see them too often but if you do encounter an l3000 uh honeywell links plus then there are options for it uh now so self-monitoring means that the system is not connected uh with a central monitoring station it won't send signals to a central station um instead the end user has to contact help on their own um when they get a notification via text and or email um so the way that this works um it's just like most honeywell alarm systems the l3000 is connected with um alarmnet and when an event occurs on the system an alarm event it will send a signal to alarmnet and then alarmnet forwards the signal to total connect 2.0 and then total connect sends the signal sends the notification to the end user via text and or email now the user will need to set up total connect 2.0 uh notifications they need to set up those texting email notifications so that way that the the alerts are sent out we have another video that talks about setting up total connect 2.0 notifications so refer to that if you need to set up the notifications and like i said uh self-monitoring you're not connected with a central station so it's up to you to contact help so it's really only recommended for users who can reliably respond to an incoming text and or email um and and request help quickly their time is of the essence when there is an emergency situation so really we only recommended self-monitoring if you feel comfortable doing this now um you will have to add a communicator to the honeywell l3000 to get it um to interface with alarmnet and total connect 2.0 and so you have three options for this uh the first two are the most popular ones by far today because these are the only ones that are still available new for purchase on our website there's the honeywell lte l3a which is an atnt lte communicator and then there's the honeywell lte l3v which is verizon lte um so to use those those are cellular communicators so you would need a cellular monitoring plan such as an alarm grid gold plan that's a that's a great one to use um or in your case you'd be going with the alarm grid self gold plan because this is self monitoring we're talking about um so you would need to install that and activate that um for monitoring service um so that's that's one way that the uh the l 3000 can communicate with alarmnet and therefore total connect 2.0 one of those lte cellular communicators the lt l3a or the lte l3v uh there's also a discontinued honeywell l i'm sorry it's discontinued it's the honeywell 7847il honeywell 7847il now this is an ip communicator for the l3000 it's discontinued again you would install it and activate it for monitoring service um and it would you the benefit to using that one is that you wouldn't have to pay extra for cellular monitoring of course cellular monitoring is more reliable cellular connectivity rarely goes down or becomes unavailable an internet outage would take your system offline if you were just relying on the 7847il that is uh that communicator it's an ip communicator and it uses hardwired ethernet connectivity if you wanted to have it communicate with a router wirelessly you could use an ethernet to wi-fi bridge so that's an option but like i said that one's discontinued if you happen to find a used model somewhere we don't see many out there but if you if you were to find one then that could be used for monitoring service as well and you could then set up a self-monitoring plan so um like i said you need to get your l3000 set up with a communicator so that way it can communicate to alarmnet alarmnet forwards the any incoming notifications to total connect 2.0 and then total connect 2.0 alerts you uh via text and or email and um you need to uh set up those text and email notifications to get them to be sent out so refer to that video for that uh purpose to set up the notifications um and also just one last thing there is no automation function on the l3000 so you can't use uh smart home devices z-wave devices that's going to be a no-go on your l3000 there's no z-wave card available so this is just strictly for monitoring service um self-monitoring service it'll be up to you so you won't be connected with a central station but uh you can get the text email alerts and then you can request help when needed so that's how you can do self monitoring on a honeywell l3000 honeywell lynx plus security system if you have any questions about the l3000 self monitoring plans or other options for alarm monitoring such as central station service send an email to support if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank you