Self Monitoring on a Lyric Alarm System

Using the Tuxedo Touch as a Keypad for Lyric Alarm System

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Using the Tuxedo Touch as a Keypad for Lyric Alarm System


Hey, DIYers. I'm George with Alarm Grid. And today we're going to be going over self-monitoring on Lyric Alarm System. Now, the Lyric controller is Honeywell's latest all-in-one system. It is a wireless complete system. So it has Wi-Fi and Z-Wave built in. Now, just so you guys can get a little understanding of what the self-monitoring refers to, it's actually going to be an application or the website that you can access remotely to control your alarm system. So using the app or the website, you guys can actually arm and disarm your system. You guys can create specified email and text notifications and destinations for different amounts of users. Right now, I don't know the exact limit. I don't know if there actually is. I've seen a lot of notifications enabled for many phone numbers and a lot of emails. So you guys actually are the ones that dictate who gets the notifications and what kind of notifications you want the Total Connect or the interactive service to send out. Now, self-monitoring on a Lyric-- those plans are usually going to be a lot less than central station plans. Again, central station plans are the ones where we actually send the authorities out. We'll contact everyone to make sure everything is OK. Self-monitor plans-- the signals do not go to the central station. So nothing is forwarded to the central station whatsoever. It is only sent to the user or whoever you guys create the notifications for. So only those users will be notified if there's ever an alarm remotely. And again, like I said, that can be either through email or through text messaging. A lot of people that use the self-monitor plans are usually people that the police response time is very long. Basically if you can respond to it before the police, that's typically when you see a lot of people getting the self-monitor plans. They're just not in an area where a local police can actually dispatch out in time for them to prevent anything. Some other people that use self-monitored plans are going to be the people out of the country. So if you're not in the US or Canada, we cannot actually use our central station to monitor you. So what a lot of these customers would do is they would end up going with a self-monitor plan. So people in South America, people across the country, anything like that, you guys would probably want to do self-monitor plan and go over Wi-Fi. Now, the Lyric has Wi-Fi built in. So if you have the Lyric and you're out of the country, you can always get the Lyric self-monitored with one of the Wi-Fi plans. Now, the self-monitoring plans, they can be run off of either Wi-Fi, cellular, or a dual-path communication, which means Wi-Fi and cellular, Wi-Fi acting as the primary. Cellular obviously will be the backup in case your Wi-Fi ever gives out. Now, cellular plans are usually going to be a little more just because we actually have to cover the cellular fees. And we do have two different cellular communicators. We have the AT&T LTE and then we have the AT&T 3G. However, you want to make sure you go with the latest one so that you know it's going to last you the longest-- the AT&T LTE. The Verizon LTE is shortly out on its way. Honeywell is still working on that. But you can always call us and double check with us to make sure if it's out. And as for the self-monitoring plans, if you guys have any Z-Wave devices learned into the system, you can also control that. By Z-Wave devices, I'm referring to the door locks, thermostats, garage door controllers, lights, lamp modules, plug modules. Any Z-Wave home automation devices you have learned into the Lyric, you can also control it through a self-monitored plan. There are different levels to them. So you want to make sure the one you have says Z-Wave or home automation underneath the actual plan. The description is always underneath our plans, so you guys always know what you're signing up for. If you have video cameras, the old generation or the new generation IP cameras, you can also view them through the self-monitor plan. Again, that's probably going to be our highest tier plan if you're looking at doing video. The videos actually can be viewed and streamed through the app. The video clips are also saved onto the app. I believe it's either 30-day or seven-day storage. It's either/or depending on what cameras you have. And what that does is it goes by the newest comes in and the oldest goes out. So up to 30-day storage-- which means that if it passes 30 days, if you hadn't saved that video, which you actually can through the self-monitored plans as long as it includes video, you can save the video from Total Connect, and you'll have your clip, and that way it doesn't get deleted from the cloud. Again, if you guys had any questions whatsoever, my name is George at Alarm Grid. You can always email us at You can give us a call at the number at the top of our website. 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