The Honeywell Home 6290W Works with a VISTA Alarm System


In this video, Joe from Alarm Grid explains how the Honeywell Home 6290W can be used with a Honeywell VISTA Security System. The Honeywell Home ...


hi dad where's joy from a long road and today we're going to talk about if the honey wall home sixty to ninety W keypad is compatible with a Vista alarm system and the answer is that it is in fact it's only going to work with a compatible Vista alarm system it's not going to be able to be used with any other alarm systems and you won't also be able to use it as a standalone controller this is important to know about this keypad because similar products like this is are very easy to mistake for being standalone devices especially if you're in the market for a brand new alarm system you already have a Vista system setup really all you have to check is the power requirements on the keypad make sure that you have enough open spaces in the system program to add another keypad and then figure out where you're going to install it in your house you're good to go you're also going to want to make it make sure that it's compatible with the current firmware that you have on your panel but we can help you out with that so if you have any questions reach out to us the keypad though if you're out in the market and you're looking for a brand new alarm system and you see something like this the box that looks great it's got this nice little controller it's got a touchscreen on it and all these great colors it's easy easy easy to mistake one of these kind of devices for being its own standalone unit which it is not so I just want to stress to you that if you are looking at this device and it does look appealing to you just know that you're going to need to install a Vista alarm system to work with the keypad if you're looking for a system that looks like this that's an all-in-one standalone touch screen controller we have tons of those that you're going to love to use but in the event that you have a wired system just to really hammer this fact home this is a keypad it will not work as a standalone controller and in fact this keypad has very specific features on it so if you have a Vista system and you need to use z-wave or you need to use wireless devices with the system this keypad will not supply those those radio transmitters to use those features so you may be wondering why the 60 to 90 W has a Wi-Fi module inside of it when it can't use z-wave or any other automation or security protocols through its Wi-Fi connection the reason is is that it makes it really easy to update the firmware on the unit that's what the Wi-Fi module is for what it'll do for you is after you install it unlike some other devices where you have to get a memory card or plug it into Ethernet or something of the sort for the 60 to 90 W when you want to update the firmware just reach out to your security company and they'll help you walk through up in the firmware via Wi-Fi on the unit really this thing is best or this thing is used as a nice full-color touchscreen keypad to upgrade something like this guy right above it the 61 60 as you can see if you're in a home and you have this yep a Vista alarm system you have your 61 60 s rather such keypads around the house you replace some of these with the 60 to 90 it's going to give the home a much more modern look and the user interface is way way cleaner than this old button style keypad not to say that these don't work great but this does look more modern if you do have any questions though about the 60 to 90 w how to install it or program it feel free to give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two it send us an email to support at alarm grid comm or head to our website