The Lyric Built-In Camera Disarm Pictures Cannot be Used With HomeKit

The Lyric Built-In Camera Disarm Pictures Cannot be Used With HomeKit


In this video, Jarrett from Alarm Grid explains how the Lyric disarm photos cannot be used with Apple HomeKit. The disarm photos produced from the Lyric front ...


hey diy it's jared here from alarm grid today we're going to cover if you can view the lyrics disarm photos in apple homekit um the answer is no you unfortunately cannot view the photos within apple home kits the photos are only able to be viewed within total connect 2.0 which is the application that honeywell created specifically for their honeywell systems now the disarm photos are essentially there for security purposes therefore to be able to confirm who is actually arming or disarming the system so that you know um if that person is somebody that should be disarming a system or if it's somebody that isn't and it might be an intruder now home there's there's there's different things between homekit and total connect 2.0 um one of the biggest things that you want to keep in mind is that homekit is there more for the expanded automation part of things for the honeywell lyric like if you wanted to set up more automation with the system if you wanted to have more of a of a bigger like control with your automation devices then using homekit with the lyric system is a great choice but you want to keep in mind it is not completely there for the security you could do certain things within it to be able to like arm and disarm get notifications and stuff but it's not actually meant for the full security of the system what i mean by that is total connect 2.0 is essentially total connect 2.0 was built for the honeywell systems so that you can you know be able to do really what you need to with the system if you want to view the photos the photos are going to be viewed right there on total connect if you want to arm and disarm it's going to all be right there if you want to control automation it is there as well not as complex as what homekit would give you but it is all there total connect 2.0 is really meant more for the security part of the devices or the systems compared to apple home kit now if you did want to use apple home kit we could definitely set you up with it and if you did want to go ahead and use a system to be able to work with that the honeywell lyric is going to be the best compatible system with apple homekit at this time we have many people who currently use it it does work very well so if you are looking to set up home kit with your system then i would strongly recommend the honeywell lyric now the other thing about devices or systems that are compatible with apple homekit um the lyric is is one of the few that are able to be used with them within homekit um however the honeywell lyric is the most recommended because it gives you full control over the system via the user interface and then the integration between the application is also very simple as well so compared to other systems not as not as easy but they can be set up right but again recommended is the honeywell lyric now if you did want to go ahead and set up something so that you can get disarmed photos with an apple home kids you technically can but the only way to be able to do that is if you set up like an apple home kit compatible camera and you either set it up right here right above where the actual camera is on the honeywell lyric so that when somebody does disarm it you can take a photo of that person right there or you can have a camera anywhere else you know up on the ceiling up in the corner wherever you want to have a nice nice view to be able to take that picture now if you did want to set that up you would basically just set up like an automation scene within apple home kit so that when it picks up the system being disarmed you can trigger that camera so that it takes that picture and then you can go ahead and see that photo within apple homekit but again the actual lyrics disarmed photos are not going to be viewed within apple homekit it is going to send that picture directly to total connect 2.0 and in case you're wondering the camera is right here on the honeywell lyric so it does have a very nice view of whoever is disarming that panel now again total connect 2.0 is meant for the security part of things on the honeywell lyric so that is why that is solely why the photos are going to be sent over to total connect 2.0 no other third-party type of platform because it is meant there for security reasons um it wouldn't really be it would be kind of a security risk there if you can go ahead and send those photos to other people or i mean not other people but um different platforms and stuff because at that point it's i mean it's there for the security of the system it's really kind of voiding that point if you have other people that are able to view that unless you have total connect 2.0 and you want to delegate those people to be able to use it so keep that in mind whenever you're trying to you know get some photos and stuff within home kit so that you can see who is disarming your system very important to know and that answers the question on whether you can view the lyrics disarm photos with an apple home kit if you have any further questions about the honeywell lyric or alarm systems in general please reach us at support or go to our website if you found this video helpful please like and subscribe feel notifications that future videos please click the bell icon this is jared with alarm grid you have a great day