Turning On the Chime on a Lyric Alarm System

Turning On the Chime on a Lyric Alarm System

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Turning On the Chime on a Lyric Alarm System


hide the eye wires jailer from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about how to enable a chime on a lyric security system now the lyric system has two forms of chime it has regular chime and it has voice chime regular chime means that when its own opens it's going to perform a tone or melody that you program on the system the voice chime means that if you have entered the proper zone descriptions for that zone and you have the voice chime enabled the lyric will actually read out the description of the zone that you have programmed and then it will perform the chime with voice chiming only the lyric system itself or a device running the my home controller app will be able to perform that function the lkp 500 it will do the regular chime that's the standalone wireless keypad for the system but it's not going to do voice chime we've let Honeywell know they haven't made any any announcements that that's going to change so if you do want to get the voice chime on the system get a tablet or a smart phone some customers have even mounted their tablet in a wall and just run the my home controller app all day that will give you a virtual keypad on that particular smart device and it will also let you use the voice chime function on that virtual keypad let's take a look along the system and check out the different chiming options under zone programming so I've already entered tools and entered our installer code as you can see we're at the program menu on the lyric we're gonna click on program and then we're going to click on zones now we have this defaulted but we can still go into the zones and check out the different chime options so if we click back door and then click Edit you'll notice that down here we have our chime button now as we press this button it's going to go through the different melodies that you can program for the particular zone you can select the one that you want and we can also completely turn off the chime so if you have it disabled that means that that particular zone will make no noise if it opens and you have chime enabled that's convenient if you have plenty of zones that you do want to chime but you have a couple that you don't want to if you just go into zone programming and turn it off for those zones they won't chime when they open next if we look at our zone descriptions that's these two fields right here these are the description fields that we're going to use to describe the zone down here the device type that's going to be the noun of the zone so if you have a front door a back door you don't actually have to put door in the description the door down here on the type is going to cover that and the lyrics are actually going to read that off when that door or window or zone opens now if we click on our zone description one this is our description field entry let's re-enter back door you're going to notice that as we enter letters it's going to fill in the word as long as it fills in the word when you enter the letter and you use that word that word will be voice announced if you enter a customer it's totally fine to do it just will not be right out if you have voice enunciation programmed and active on the system itself as we did here it's a back when we entered this word or this letter and we click Save we know that when this particular zone opens it's going to read that word off so it'll say back and then door if we click Save that'll enter it in and then save we have it set just like it was before the other portion of the system that you're going to have to go to to check for your chime being a navel is on the main screen so we backed out of programming and we're on the main screen let's hit the home button until we see this security screen and then we're going to click the Settings button right down here as you can see down here we have our two chime options and then we have this volume bar that actually determines how loud the chime is on the system the top option says voice the bottom option says chime now they both have to be selected for voice chime to work you can't just have only the voice chime mark and the chime not work so if you're wondering why it's not activating when you feel like you did enable it go back in here and just make sure that it's not set so that the voice is enabled and that the chime is not nothing's gonna happen they're both gonna have to be entered for it to actually function click Save and then you're all set that's how you enable chime on a lyric security system if you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be posted about future videos hit the up or the notification button and we'll send you an update when we do so if you have any questions head over to the website feel free to send us an email give us a call or jump on chat thanks for watching and have a great day