Updating the Honeywell Home Tuxedo Firmware

Updating the Honeywell Home Tuxedo Firmware


In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid explains the process for receiving firmware updates on a Honeywell Home Tuxedo Keypad. Firmware updates are sent to ...


hi diy-ers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be talking about receiving firmware updates on your honeywell home tuxedo keypad this also applies to the residio tuxedo keypad any of the new keypads that look like this one right here so uh firmware updates um they're they're applied to the tuxedo to provide new features to fix any issues and to make general improvements in using the keypad they are applied automatically and they are pushed down from the residio alarmnet servers so you have to have the tuxedo connected to a wi-fi network because that's the only way it can receive ip connectivity ib being internet protocol so like i said you get the firmware updates for general improvements um adding new features if they were to release something new then you would receive a firmware update critical firmware updates are pushed down to the keypad automatically they're just automatically sent down you don't get a prompt when a critical firmware update is being performed but you will have the tuxedo reboot about 15 seconds after the firmware update is sent down so um that's one thing that will happen when there is a firmware update that is applied to the tuxedo but you do need to make sure that you have firmware updates enabled on the keypad um so i'm going to show you how to do that now if you don't have the firmware updates enabled then they won't get pushed down and there are a few other things that you also want to check but i'll go over those in a little bit but the thing you want to look at to make sure that you are able to receive automatic over-the-air firmware updates ota over the air um so we're at the main screen of the tuxedo and we'll press the gear icon the settings icon at the bottom and we'll choose system info and then you see enable remote upgrade and we have the box checked which means we'll be receiving firmware updates assuming that the system's good and where we have everything else um all the requirements met and that there is a firmware update available um firmware updates are only released periodically um you don't see them all too often um often once the product gets settled down and they get most of the kinks out of it and the the features out of the way you you will rarely see some updates but you you should keep an eye out for them we'll post about them on our blog and keep you updated if there are any important firmware updates for your tuxedo but just know that you do want to keep this enable remote up upgrade enable remote upgrade box checked just keep that there and then that way you'll be ready to receive firmware updates so once you have that you can just press the home icon in the upper right corner and go back to the home screen so that's good that setting will be automatically saved we didn't change it we already had it enabled but if you do change it then it's just a little toggle box then it'll automatically be saved when you exit now so there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that you do receive firmware updates first of all like i said you have to have the tuxedo connected to the wi-fi network that's how it communicates with the alarmnet servers so that way the firmware updates can be pushed down to the keypad if it's not connected to wi-fi then you'll want to go and connect it to a wi-fi network we have a different video that tells you how to do that pretty simple but that's the only way it can receive updates remember the tuxedo is not a communicator on behalf of the vista system it's just communicating with the alarmnet servers across wi-fi for relaying z-wave automation commands and receiving the firmware updates and also for getting the weather forecast in the upper right corner there that you can see on the main screen there um some other things you want to check um if the tuxedo is connected with a honeywell vista system which in most cases it is because you're using it as a keypad controller for your vista system then the vista system will need to be disarmed there should not be any faulted zones and there should be no trouble conditions so something like a low battery um ac power loss um if if there is um just any trouble condition you'll want to go ahead and fix that to clear the trouble condition so that way um the firmware updates can be sent down there should be no zones in alarm memory make sure to clear any latched alarms no if there are zones in alarm memory then the firmware update will not be pushed down um there should not be a low battery on the vista system you should have you can see on ours we don't have any low battery message we have a good battery we're plugged into ac power um transformer power so uh we would be ready to receive the firmware update uh the firmware update will not be sent down if the system is currently in programming mode uh whether that's console mode on the tuxedo or you go into um installer programming um if you're if you leave the system in that mode then a firmware update cannot be sent down um you can't receive a firmware update if there is an ecp error that's that's basically a communication error so make sure the wires are connected um between the tuxedo and the vista panel like i said an ecp error will result in no firmware update so make sure to fix an easy p error if there is one and lastly if the tuxedo is in demo mode or safe mode then a firmware update cannot be sent down so uh just keep it in its standard mode and uh that's how you'll be able to receive a firmware update uh so that covers important information for firmware updates for uh honeywell home tuxedo keypad i remember these are for making improvements to the keypad for potentially adding new features and potentially making some fixes correcting some bugs so that way the keypad provides the best user experience possible if you have any questions about the tuxedo or honeywell vista systems or alarm monitoring send an email to support alarmgrid.com if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a 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