Using Home Automation On a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 w/o Monitoring

Using Home Automation on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 w/o Monitoring

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In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid explains how the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus can be used for smart home automation functionality, even if the panel is not monitored. It is possible to enroll Z-Wave devices and control them from the panel without monitoring service. But you need for scenes.

Home automation is a relatively broad term that refers to various smart home functions that can be performed automatically based on a schedule or with certain predetermined events. Many people use smart home functionality to make their lives more convenient and to save money on their energy bills. There are all sorts of home automation devices, including lights, door locks, smart thermostats, and more. Even if your Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus System isn't monitored, you can still enroll smart Z-Wave devices with the system and control them directly from the panel.

But using home automation functions on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 that isn't monitored presents some limitations. While you can manually control devices as needed, the options for having devices activate automatically are pretty limited. But if you get the panel monitored and connected with, then your home automation options become greatly expanded. By using, you can establish smart scenes so that your smart home devices activate automatically based on a schedule or with certain system events. For example, you might have your door lock, your lights turn off, and your thermostat adjust the temperature when you arm your system away before leaving for work. Creating scenes in this way allows for great customization, and it really allows you to get the most out of your system.

Since the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus includes a built-in LTE communicator, you do not need to add any modules to get the system monitored and connected with However, you will need to sign-up for a monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity and access to Examples of compatible monitoring plans include the Gold and Platinum Level Plans from Alarm Grid (Self or Full).


hi di wire's I'm Jorge from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over whether or not your quilts si Q piano two can do home automation without a monitoring plan so the first thing we need to touch base on is what exactly is home automation what what does it do for you guys so home automation is the process of adding smart devices into your home to make your life a little easier and more convenient what I mean by that is they actually have smart devices like lights locks thermostats blind controls plugs modules garage door controllers things in the house that can be automated to make your life easier the Qualis IQ panel - and the IQ panel - plus actually have a z-wave plus receiver built-in which means you can use z-wave Plus devices and z-wave devices so it works with both now to answer the easy question can you do automation without monitoring somewhat a little bit what I mean by that is I have the z-wave light bulb right here and I have my q2 panel and I have this learned into here now from the panel if I don't have the system monitored I can easily select light turn it on I can select the light turn it off I have my thermostat I can control but again it's all done from the panel if you guys want to do it from your phone while you guys are home when you're in bed when you're at work when you're away you're on vacation with family members whatever the case is if you want to do it from your phone to control it from the cell phone application that actually requires the alarm comm platform now what is the platform that is what us alarm companies use to activate your alarm systems that use alarm comm basically what this application allows you to do which I'll show you in a second is it's gonna allow you to control your alarm system from an application on your phone or website which I'm going to be using both for today's demo and it allows you to control the system so arming and disarming controlling the lights locks the thermostats whatever devices you have creating emails and text messages looking at the status of your system in your sensors it basically allows you to remotely interact with the system the only thing the app doesn't let you do is program devices or anything like that so it doesn't allow you to do any programming but it allows you pretty much full control from the application itself so what I want to go ahead and get into right because the whole point of getting automation well home automation devices is to not just control them from the panel but the whole point is to actually be able to create scenes and rules basically what this means is you're creating these these events trigger event triggers that basically cause these devices to either turn on or off depending on the trigger of something in the system it could be the system arms away it could be the time of day it could be a door motion is tripped open closed whatever the case may be you'll see in a second here once I get everything set up so give me just a second while I get my iPad and ry I get my tablet ready here for you guys and I'll show you guys just how to use the alarm comm application and the website so for today's video I'm going to be using the application which i'm already logged into and i'm going to be using the alarm calm website the reason why i'm going to use both is cuz from the application i can actually create my siri shortcuts so this will make it easier so you can actually just talk to your iOS device if you guys have Apple and you guys can just tell them to run a command and that will make that will make running the scene a lot easier for instance I could say run stay or do an arm stay or you know depends what what command you give it and then I'll be using the alarm comm website to create the rules so rules and scenes are a little different I'm gonna show you guys hit this here in a second so this is the application which only allows you to do the the scenes the scenes is the little sun and moon' icon in the in the left hand side of a body yet navigation bar and the scenes if you see here it already has some predefined scenes it has a home away um home sleep and wake up so for instance if you go to a way the system is gonna say arm away because you know you're leaving the house and you can actually edit the scene and you can add devices into this scene so for instance if I wanted to do if I had lights that were on and I wanted to make sure that my lights were off whenever I went away let's say I'm going to work and I don't want my pork lights to be on I can go ahead and select the device the light I can select uh I want like to be off and I'll hit done I'm sorry I have to select the light first and then I have to set it to the off position the little black and white icon and hit done and let's say I also want to make sure that my thermostat is uh you want to make sure you if you have multiple thermostats you select which ones you want to control whenever you run this scene and you can go ahead and do you can do the set the temperature you know and select whatever you want I'll just select there I'll hit done so basically whenever whatever I run this away scene it's going to set my alarm system to away it's gonna turn off whatever lights you need it to turn off and it'll set the temperature down and I'm just gonna hit save so this is a scene that you can easily easily run from the app so instead of having to go into the app and select the device lower the temperature manually make sure your lights are turned off you just create the scene and it automatically does it all for you and then after you create the scene something cool if you wanted to do with the app would be going to the settings go to Siri shortcuts and then you can go to you have to create a voice shortcut to tell Siri if you're using an iOS device you would do like add a voice command for the arm away you would hit OK and then from here you can say whatever you want so that Siri will send the command so I can do alarm comm away it's already recorded I hit done and now it has that command so now if I press and hold down on my Siri alarm calm away [Music] okay it's that the command goes through to the panel my light was already turned off so you didn't really see that change but the thermostat would all what is off would have also changed I can go ahead and just close that out I'm gonna go ahead and stop it from harming uh give me just one second let me refresh it I'm gonna hit disarm so I had to do a quick refresh so that the app would know that it's in the disarmed state and that's how you create the scene on the shortcut through the app now let's talk about rules this is done through the alarm comm website rules are more are going to be more specific so what I mean by that is if I go to the left hand side navigation bar and then I go to automation I'm gonna go to my rules and you see here it already has some predefined rules rules are gonna be where you're gonna be creating event triggers the time of day triggers basically whenever something happens on the panel and you want something to turn on or off this is gonna be a rule that you're creating so whenever I add a rule I'm gonna do an event trigger rule so here you're gonna say what what you got to give a name first we'll go ahead and name it video test when this even occurs so this will be the trigger right so I'm gonna do when the system is armed stay I'm gonna want perform the action to turn on and I'm gonna do for 15 seconds for right now right obviously for you guys if you guys want and you could do eight hours if you guys are turning on lights or whatever it is you guys are doing but I'm gonna do 15 seconds so you guys can see the actual automation and the selected devices I'm gonna select the light as you can see here during these time frames you can do at all times you can do it only after sunset you can select certain times that you only want this trigger to be active during but I'm just going to leave it at all times for the sake of the video and I'm gonna hit save so right here if you just take a look at the overview the the video or this trigger is gonna be whenever I armed the system to state it's gonna turn on my light and this is gonna be during all times so I hit save all right now to show you guys how the rule works remember if you aren't say the light will turn on so I'm gonna go to armed stay and remember I set for 15 seconds so in about 10 more seconds the light will automatically turn off now this is good for you guys out there who may be I mean you guys can also create a rule that whenever you disarm the system to turn off the lights so like let's say I'm doing an armed night and I wanted my porch lights to turn on I can have them turn on automatically and then I can have them let's say I only want them on for 5 or 8 hours so they turn off automatically in the morning or you can just set a rule whenever you disarm the system to turn off the lights etc even different things you guys can play around with but as you saw it was on for 15 seconds and it turn off the lights and I can go ahead and do this armed 1 2 3 4 default so it's just a quick little playful video showing you guys how you can use the alarm calm app how you can make rules based on through the alarm calm website and again this is all through the alarm calm platform you guys don't have these options if you guys are doing the the system as a local sound maker now there is one little thing that the system actually does and it's through the dealer code so if you guys aren't looking at setting up monitoring which not sure why you guys wouldn't want to but if you guys are just planning on using it as a local sound maker if you guys go up to the very top you go to settings you go to advanced the default dealer code is 2 2 2 2 now if you've been monitored that code probably has been changed and if you don't know it there's no way to do this but what I wanted to show you guys is the only automation or scenes that you guys can create if you're not being monitored is through this many local automation menu here so local automation this is basically what's used in like demo houses that don't have monitoring setup just yet but they kind of want to show you guys the capabilities of it so what the dealer local automation does is all locks will be locked on night which night time means 7:00 p.m. or after all thermostats will be set to auto mode with target temperature 65 to 78 at night which again night time is considered 7:00 p.m. or after the first light will be turned on at night so if you guys have multiple lights only the first light will be turned on that's it and then all lights will be turn off in the morning which is anytime after 6:00 a.m. so that's kind of like the only scene that the panel will have if you guys are not planning on getting monitored other than that you guys would have to control them manually from the panel but if you're looking at doing what I was doing with the applications we do have a bunch of plans that you guys can sign up for and view on our webpage if you guys have any questions about alarm calm about the automation for the iq2 please give us a call feel free to email us to support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure you go ahead and hit the like button subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit that little Bell icon so that whenever we upload new content you all get notified I'm George and I'll see you guys next time