Using the 2-way Voice Feature with an Camera on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Using the 2-way Voice Feature with an Camera on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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I do ours joy from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about streaming audio from an alarm comm camera to a Qualis iq2 panel now before you begin the cuales panels that do support this are the regular IQ 2 it's just gonna have to be on firmware version 2.2 point 1 or higher or the IQ 2 panel plus also you will need this feature enabled in your alarm comm plan and you're gonna have to have this activated on alarm comm to use this feature if you don't already have video streaming setup you will likely need to reach out to your security provider so that they can enable this feature for you and when you do that you're gonna want to let them know to turn on the audio streaming feature also if you have a plan that doesn't support this already there's a good chance that you may need to upgrade your plan to do this so don't be surprised if they tell you that it's going to be a little more expensive than your current plan if you're not already using video streaming now there's also a only certain number of cameras that can support this so you will want to check out our website to see which cameras do actually support this feature and especially if you're in the market for a new camera to use this specifically you're going to want to make sure that it actually does this before you pick it up because there's not a huge number of cameras that can perform this function yet now today we have IQ 2 panel setup and I also have a camera that does support this it's the ADC 522 ir it does support panel streaming obviously and audio streaming to the panel now it is recommended that the panel and the camera are on the same Wi-Fi network and obviously before you do this you're gonna have to have the feature set up so after you do have it set up you're going to want to log into alarm comm enable panel streaming and take it from there I'm going to log in on my end so that you can see how to actually do this so as you can see we're on the login page for alarm comm I have my credentials entered and I'm going to click log in from here I'm going to click the button in the upper left and I'm going to click on video and then from here I'm going to click on settings as there's only one camera associated with this you can see that it is selected it says video room test I'm going to click stream video to security panel screen second from the bottom option I'm going to click view at panel and click Save now when you do setup the streaming audio you may see another prompt that's going to ask you to confirm this I've already confirmed this from a previous login attempt but just know that if you do see that you're just going to want to hit accept which will enable that feature so now that we have this set up I can head back to my panel and we can check out the audio streaming so on our iq2 to get to the camera section I'm going to slide to the right and as you can see that is the camera that we have set up I'm going to click the play button which is going to establish the stream and it is working in real time with the audio enabled you'll see down here there's a slider if I turn this up it's going to play audio from the camera as you can see over here rather in the upper right corner there's a little microphone button if I click that and hold it down what I speak to the cuales panel is gonna come it's gonna come out of the camera itself so this feature is great if you have the panel in your house for example you could have it on the front door with this looking outside and you can speak through it you could have any camera around the house and talk to them so if you're away from the home and your family's there you can you can actually speak to them and have a conversation there's tons of functions that you can use with this cool feature and we definitely recommend checking it out if you are interested in it so that's how to set up audio streaming to your closest iq2 panel if you do have any questions about the IQ 2 panel streaming audio streaming or alarms alarms and general security systems in general feel free to give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven to eight head over to our website if you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be updated when we post future videos hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so thanks for watching and have a great day