Using the PG9944 Outdoors



hi-dee-hi wires this is Michael from alarm grid and today I'm gonna answer the question of whether or not you can use the dscp g99 4 for image sensor outdoors and the answer is yes you can use the dscp g99 4 for in an outdoor environment so I have the DSC PG 9 944 right here this is an outdoor image sensor and when I say an image sensor I mean it basically combines a motion detection sensor and a still motion camera into one device when your system goes into alarm the system that this is programmed with it will capture images and it will send them to the panel and then the panel will forward them to alarm comm for viewing and if you have a Qualis IQ panel 2 system on a high-end affair where you can actually view the images from the panel itself so I'm going to talk mostly about the outdoor conditions that this sensor can withstand today it's perfectly suitable for an outdoor environment it has protection against rain snow dust heavy sunlight and pretty much any other outdoor conditions if there were a serious storm coming such as a hurricane or maybe you were under a tornado warning you might want to bring it inside but in most situations almost 99% of the time you can keep this outdoors safely without worry and it will work just fine although it is safe against rain you do not want to submerge this into liquid so don't dump it in water or something like that don't dump a bucket on it or anything like that but if you're just leaving it outside in the rain or the snow then you're not really gonna have to worry about it it's safe and temperature is ranging from negative 40 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit again that's negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit so unless you're in Antarctica or you're on you know another planet or something you're you're not gonna have much trouble using this outdoors they can withstand pretty much any outdoor temperature without worry now this also offers night vision so it can capture images in the dark it has an IR night-vision rating of 33 feet so it'll capture images from a considerable distance so you can be confident in that if someone's in your backyard or something at night then you won't have to worry about it the sensor also great for use in barns or garages where the temperature might get a little bit lower so really any place that might have a little bit harsher conditions than just the inside of your home or your business you would want to use this outdoor sensor the sensor does also offer pet immunity for up to 40 pounds we recommend setting it on low sensitivity for pet immunity and this is also good because if you have any critters in your back yard maybe some rabbits or some squirrels running around they won't activate the sensor unless they literally get right up on it but if you have it mounted properly then that shouldn't be an issue now I also do want to show you we do have an indoor image sensor of pretty much the same same model almost I mean it's it's a lot sleeker in design but this is the dscp g99 3 4 p if you're using an image sensor indoors you're just setting it up in your home or your office it's not gonna be exposed to outdoor weather it's not going to be used in a garage or a barn or something like that this this is probably the one you want to go with because it'll do the same thing as the pg9 944 but it's just a it's a little bit smaller and it's just it's cheaper as well it's less expensive so this this is a good option if you just intend to use your image sensor indoors but if you do intend to use it in an outdoor environment then this is the one to go with the pg9 944 and i do want to show you the images real quick we have our closest IQ panel 2 plus system right here so so when this when your system goes into alarm it produces ten images and it forwards the images in a stop motion video to the IQ panel to plus system and then the first of those images will be sent to alarm comm for viewing from the alarm comm website or the alarm comm mobile app and you can also trigger manual images if you just want to take a peek in at any point but this only occurs during alarm events so what we did earlier we put our system into alarm and we had the camera activate we had our friend Dylan in the support room we had him on the camera and we got some images of him so I'm just gonna play the images right here and you can see they're there they're pretty good quality um there's ten of them right there it's a stop motion video type of deal and those are just individual images and the first of those images will be forwarded to alarm comm for you to view as well so that's just what that looks like but rest assured it will look great in an outdoor environment as well we did this indoors obviously but it works great outdoors you can adjust the image quality settings if you look at the instruction manual for the device to tailor it to your sunlight conditions or what have you in your environment around your house or your business but anyway that's the pg9 944 yes it can be used outdoors if you have any questions please contact us at support at alarm grid calm and be sure to check out our website alarmgrid comm we hope you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up below and click the bell icon to subscribe to our channel and get notifications on future updates thanks have a great day