Viewing an ADC-SVR122 Remotely

Viewing an ADC-SVR122 Remotely

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In this video, Joe talks about how footage stored inside an ADC-SVR122 Stream Video Recorder can be viewed remotely. Any stored video can be conveniently viewed from the website or mobile app.You can also view the footage locally by connecting an HDMI monitor and a USB mouse to the module.

The ADC-SVR122 allows users to achieve a 24-hour recording schedule for their Security Cameras. The device stores video footage so that it can be viewed later through the website or mobile app. The ADC-SVR122 comes in both 500GB and 1TB storage options. A maximum of eight (8) Cameras can be used with a single ADC-SVR122 device.

After you have accessed footage stored inside the SVR-122, you can then download and save clips for permanent use. The downloaded clips can be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in length. These clips are just normal video files, and you can send and share them as needed. This is great if you capture an unexpected event on camera or if you ever need to present video evidence of a crime to the authorities.

A great aspect of the ADC-SVR122 is that it will continue to store video footage in the event of a power outage. Without internet, a camera will not have any pathway to But luckily, the camera will still be able to send footage to the ADC-SVR122. The footage will be stored locally until the internet is restored later. Once the internet is restored, you will once again be able to accessed any stored footage remotely.

In order to use the ADC-SVR122, it must be integrated with the user's account. This is done from the website by choosing the option to add a new video device. With the ADC-SVR122 on the same WIFI network, you can scan for the module and pair it automatically.


Hi DIYers, Joe from Alarm Grid. And today, we're going to show you how to remotely view cameras with your SVR122. Now the SVR122 is a stand-alone recording device that you can use with It comes with a 500 or a 1 terabyte option. Basically, what it does is it stores recorded video footage from your cameras that you have linked with your account. The nice thing about the SVR, though, is that it'll save it locally. So you don't have to rely on an internet connection to access the video feed, as you can look at it on-site. And it's also going to let your cameras record in case they lose their internet connection. So if something happens with your service at your house, you'll still be able to be rest assured that the cameras are still recording, and they're storing all of their data on your SVR. But let's show you how to set it up. It's very easy to do. And it's actually really similar to integrating a regular camera. We have an SVR122 right now powered up and hooked up to our network. So now we're going to head over to the app on the website to integrate it in. So the best way to do this, or the easiest way to do this, is probably to do it on a computer, as just accessing the website through that is not as cumbersome as doing it on a tablet. But you can do it on a tablet too. The reason that I have the website access pulled up is because you're not able to actually integrate the SVR through the downloadable app. So right here, I am logged in to our GC3. And I'm going to click on the hamburger button. So we're going to head over to the Video tab. And as you can see, it's a little DIY video. You will need to use the app. You can't do it through the website on an iPad. Not a big deal though, as we're just trying to integrate the SVR. So if you go to Settings, you'll see down in the bottom, it says Add Video Device. So I'm going to click on that. And then as we're on the same network as the SVR, it's going to show up right there on the top, as you can see. So I'm just going to give it a name, SVR122 Office. And then click on Install. And it's going to go through the process of checking it, installing it, and integrating it with the app. So now that the SVR has been associated with the account, you can select up to eight cameras to link to it, so that it will save the recording. We have the one camera on this account, which is our video room test camera. So I'm going to select that. And I'm going to click on Next. And there you go. So our SVR122 has been added. And the one camera that we have on this account was also linked to it. So I'm going to go ahead and click on Next. And we're all set. So now, to view the live camera feed, so I'm just going to jump into my app, and we're on the Video tab. So if to click Play here, we should see the stream from our test camera. And as you can see, we do. And you're also going to notice on the top, we have a tab for saved and SVR. So if I click on SVR, this will load up the SVR menu. And as you can see, we have a tracker on the bottom that lets us jump around with time to view the different video. And we'll see the cameras that the video is coming off of. This is actually the SVR menu. And this is showing us recorded video on the SVR that we can watch right through the app. So it's super convenient, and we'll always have that 24 hour recording option. And it's going to roll over old saved video, as long as you have that option selected. And it really works great. Again, if you're looking for a full video solution where you have that saved video from your cameras, then the SVR is definitely an option that you're going to want to go with on your system, as this will continue to record even if you lose internet connection. If you do have any questions about the SVR, cameras, or in general, feel free to give us a call at 888-818-7728. Send us an email to, or head over to our website, If you did enjoy the video, feel free to subscribe. And if you want to be notified when we post future videos, hit the notification button below, and we'll send you an update when we do so. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.