Viewing the Images Captured By the PG9944 On the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus



hi di wires this is Michael from alarm grid and today I'm gonna answer the question of whether or not you can view images from the dscp g99 for for outdoor image sensor directly from your closest IQ panel to plus security system and the answer is yes you can view images from your DSC PG 994 for outdoor image sensor on your koalas IQ panel - plus security system now I have the DSC PG 9 944 right here it's an outdoor image sensor and when you're talking about image sensors they basically combine an a motion detection sensor with a still motion camera in still motion camera an image camera if you will so when your system goes into alarm the system that this is programmed with this camera will begin taking 10 photos and it will send them to the closest IQ panel - plus system as still motion images and it'll be they'll be kind of set up as a stop motion video for you to see but they are images they're not video and the first of those images will also be forwarded to alarm comm so you can view that on the alarm comm mobile app or the website as needed now it's important to keep in mind that you can only view local images from the panel if you have a Qualis IQ panel - plus system you won't be able to do that from a DSC iota or a DSC power series neo with an added power D transceiver those systems both support the PG 9 944 but they don't support local viewing you you need to have a Qualis IQ panel - plus security system and lucky for us we have a closest IQ panel - plus security system right here we already enrolled our DSC PG 9 9 for for outdoor image sensor with the panel and it's important to keep in mind that this will only produce images during alarm events and you also have to have it set up our alarm comm you have to have the feature enabled by your alarm monitoring company and you're going to need to enable the automation rule on the customer website as well so make sure you do that and once you have everything set up it will only produce images during alarm events so this will still operate as a regular motion detection sensor and if it activates if it detects movement that's not necessarily going to trigger an image it's not going to trigger any photographs it's only going to occur when your system goes into alarm so let's say you have this set up as a sensor group to where that activating this motion sensor this image sensor would trigger an immediate LARM on your system while your systems armed away and you had your system armed away and this detected movement and your system went into alarm then this would trigger that would trigger images and they would be sent to the panel for a local viewing but let's just say it you activated the sensor while your system was disarmed and it didn't trigger any alarm on your system well then no images would be taken because the system didn't go into alarm so just because it detects movement doesn't mean it's going to produce images it's only when your system goes into alarm now we turned off the siren on our IQ panel to plus system so we didn't disturb anybody and we actually put our system into alarm and we had this uh.this camera out in the support room focused on our friend Dylan he's one of our technicians here and we had some images taken of him and you can see them right here on your closest psyche panel - plus we're navigating to the camera section we're just swiping left here you can also swipe right if you prefer whatever floats your boat but you're going to end up on the panel camera section and we have our images here in addition to images produced by the pg9 9:44 when the system goes into alarm we also have handle camera images for disarm photos all koala psyche panel 2 systems support that but we have a closest I can panel 2 plus here with a PG 99 for for properly configured and you can see that it's gonna we're gonna wear and click the play button here and it's gonna do the 10 still motion stop motion pictures they're gonna be all sequence together so it's gonna kind of have that weird effect to where it sort of looks like a video but really it's just 10 still motion images and so we'll just click play here and you can see our friend Dylan moving around about doing his thing in the support room having fun we'll do that one more time just so you can see it again and that those were taken by the PG 9 944 of course we used it in an indoor environment but you can also use it in an outdoor environment this is safe for outdoor use pretty much any environmental condition this is a great image sensor use if you powered g-system and you're looking for an outdoor image sensor so we'll just go back to the main screen of your of our closest psyche panel to plus here and we're back to the main screen but that answers the question of whether or not you can view the images on your closest IQ panel two plus security system the answer is you can and we just showed you that if you did find this video helpful please click the thumbs up button below to like the video and click the bell icon to subscribe to our channel so that you get updates on future alarmgrid videos and if you have any questions about our monitoring services or any of our products be sure to send us an email to support at alarm grid comm and also check out our website alarmgrid comm we hope you enjoyed the video thanks have a great day