Voice Commands on the Lyric Security System

Voice Commands on the Lyric Security System

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hi do iers Joey from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about the voice control on the lyric security system now you may not have known about this feature but there is actually a voice control feature on the system it's limited in what it can do but it is a nice feature and it's kind of fun to use what you can do with it is you can have the system run smart scenes that you tell it to or you can have it load up the camera menu if you have older model IP cams and role to the system so we have a few things set up on the lyric today we have a plug-in z-wave module right here we have the light that it's connected to right there and we have the lyric here what we're going to try to do is we're going to set up a scene so that we turn the light on and have the lyric arm itself when we tell it that we're leaving the house we're also going to set up a scene to tell the lyric to turn the light off when it's bedtime so first to find where the voice command section is on the system you're going to click on security tools and then you're going to enter your master code the one-two-three-four right down here you'll see where it says voice command and going in here you have a bunch of different options now the first thing you're going to want to do when you load up the voice command section is you're going to want to do voice training we're gonna walk through that what that actually does is it has the lyric learn in your voice and it makes it easier for it to pick you up when you tell it to do stuff it takes a few minutes to do but let's check it out it's going to ask you to read out different things that it says on the screen and it's gonna learn your voice head so if we do voice training right here it says trial 1 a 3 please say hello lyric now you have to wait until it shows this waveform on the screen and then it'll be able to to say that so wait for it hello lyric so it heard that hello lyric that was the second time it's gonna have us do it three times hello lyric and there we go so we've completed the first step it's gonna walk you through this entire process if we click the next button we go to step two and it's going to tell you to say something else wake up so that one was good wake up that time it didn't register so we have to do it again wake up good wake up so those are good we're gonna go to the next step telling us to say something else and you'll just want to be patient hello lyric wake up be patient and wait for that wave for them to show up that's when it's gonna listen hello lyric wake up and if you mess up you just get to do it again hello lyric wake up hello lyric wake up hello lyric wake up well sometimes it's a little clunky and you have to do it multiple times hello lyric wake up hello lyric wake up hello lyric wake up if you do run into this just keep trying it and eventually it'll go through hello lyric wake up hello lyric wake up so we're still trying to get it in hello lyric wake up we got it so we click Next now it's gonna ask you to say three different things hello lyric wake up and we're all set so now we've learned our voice into the lyric and as you can see that process can be a little a little weird but if you just keep trying it we'll learn it and as you can see it just picked us up so we click on edit or exit rather now we know that the system has learned our voice in now there's a few other options that you do have on this menu the voice control option we're going to go to go into in a moment the log option will actually show you all of the commands with a timestamp that have been received by the system and the counter option this is actually how you can adjust the sensitivity for the commands so depending on which trigger we have set up for our voice for the lyric let's say we're using the hello lyric voice trigger the level that it receives the last voice command at is going to be listed here if you find at the lyric system the sensitivity is too low even after adjusting with sensitivity bar you can go in here and this is another way you can turn the sensitivity up what you'll want to do if you find this the sensitivity is too low for a command is find your command that you've been speaking of the lyric and then under accuracy you're going to want to raise this number above the number that is listed under the accuracy levels what this will do is it'll have the lyric look for the baseline accuracy to be the one under this bar and it will increase the sensitivity for that particular command it's a little confusing it does explain this in the user manual though in a nice clean fashion and it's easy to follow if you have the instructions in front of you that's that menu and as you can see down here you have command sensitivity trigger sensitivity and volume over here we have a bunch of different options this first button turns the voice control on or off the second button enables trigger feedback what trigger feedback is the system with that enabled it's actually going to speak to us let us know that it hurt us when we say when we said something if we turn that off the system won't register with that confirmation the confirmation and talk that it's going to give us back when we speak to it as you get more used to the system and get comfortable with the voice command some customers do like to turn that off as it's just less noise in their house most customers though will want that feature or that option to be left on then you'll see on the bottom there's three different options right here we have trigger hello lyric trigger as you can see we have trigger hello lyric home and we have trigger ok lyric now depending on which one of these you pick this is going to be the phrase that you say to initiate the voice command feature if depending whichever one you pick you're going to have to say those words to the lyric to get it to go into the voice command so as you can see we have the the first one listed which is hell lirik and if as you can see when we say hello lyric it's going to respond to us and as we have the enable trigger feedback as we have the enable trigger feedback option on it's going to speak to us as we talk to it so that's how to set up the initial stage of the voice command after you get this set up what you're going to have to do is enroll a smart scene from the system into a voice command trigger on the system so as stated before we have these three options that we can pick from you can only select one and that's going to be the first part of your voice command next you go into voice control you'll see you have five different options right here and these are the five different options that you can link to the voice command what goes in here is a smart scene you can only have one smart scene per per option and you can't have duplicate smart scenes in each one so you'll have to make additional duplicate smart scenes if you want identical ones to run under identical options for whatever reason but just know that after you say your voice command you'll have to speak these word or words to complete the command so let's say we have our bedtime one which is going to turn our light off so we click on bedtime and then select select these are the different scenes on the system and I've created two custom smart scenes so if we press the down arrow you'll see we have one that says light off so if we just click that and click Save that's going to go under the bedtime the bedtime voice command so when we say our trigger command to the system and then say bedtime it's going to run this scene I'm also going to set up one for leaving the house so if we select leaving the house and click select press the down arrow I've created this other custom smart scene for this particular thing that's going to turn the light on and it's going to arm the system we click that click Save and now we know after we say our trigger command and say leaving the house it's going to run this scene so to try this all out if we go all the way back to the main menu and I speak hello lyric leaving the house part of me leaving the house there we go if she doesn't want to listen to you just speak again and it will go in again you can adjust those sensitivity settings if you find that it's not registering stuff this feature again though it does seem like it's a little clunky it doesn't work just fine as you can tell but just repeat yourself if you find that it didn't pick it up as you could see though our scene is running the light did turn on and the system is arming away now you can't disarm the system with a voice enabled smart scene when the system is on but when the system is armed you are able to tell it to run smart sans let's disarm it though to get it ready for our next one so now let's say end of the night you're laying down going to bed and you just want to tell your lyric to turn the light off so again using our trigger voice command hello lyric bedtime bedtime and our light turns off as you can see she didn't want to listen me on the first one so I just repeated myself and I ran the command that's the setup for the the lyric voice command know that you can run this in conjunction with an Alexa or a Google home it's a great little feature that you can use with your system to control a couple things around the house raising or lowering and the temperature turning a light on telling the system to start arming itself when you're leaving it's a nice feature addition you don't need monitoring to use it it's built right into the system and it is functional thanks for watching if you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be updated about future videos when we post them click the notification button will send you an update if you have any questions comments alarm inquiries head over to the website give us a call or send us an email thanks for watching and have a great day