Bed Pressure Sensors

Bed pressure sensors let your system know when your loved one is in bed and when they have gotten up. You can use this type of bed pressure sensor to monitor your loved one's activity and to receive notifications if your loved one is potentially in distress. Buy bed pressure sensors from Alarm Grid. Bed Sensor for Interlogix
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A bed pressure sensor is sensor that is placed in your loved one's bed underneath the sheets and covers. This type of sensor will detect the weight of your loved one while they are in bed. Upon detecting the weight, the sensor will know that the bed is "occupied". And once your loved one gets up, it will no longer detect their weight, and the bed will be "vacant". This can be very useful for monitoring your loved one's activity and making sure that they are alright. You can even integrate this type of sensor with a special wellness platform, such as the Wellness Platform, for advanced analytics and functionality.

Many of us have trouble finding the proper balance of monitoring a loved one's activity, while still respecting their privacy. Bed sensors represent a good compromise in this regard. With a bed pressure sensor, an alarm system will know whether your loved one is currently in bed or up and away from their bed. This can be very useful for monitoring your loved one's activity, while still allowing them to maintain their dignity and privacy. These sensors are typically set up as monitor zones, in which the current state will be either occupied or vacant based on whether or not the sensor detects the weight of a person.

A great aspect of the Wellness Platform is that you can receive bed pressure sensor alerts based on some advanced metrics. This is very useful for ensuring that you are only alerted to important events and not disturbed by routine activity. The alerts and notifications you set up can be customized heavily in this regard. For example, you might create a notification to alert you if the bed remains vacant for more than an hour in the middle of the night. This could indicate that your loved one got up in the middle of the night and then never made it back to bed, perhaps due to a fall.

You can also have a bed pressure sensor trigger an alert only at a specific time of day. For instance, you might not want to receive any alerts in the middle of the night, as that is when your loved one would normally be in bed anyway. Instead, you can trigger a notification to be sent out if you loved one remains in bed after 11am. That might be a sign that your loved one is stuck in bed and needs medical intervention. Bed pressure sensors can also be useful for combining with a two-way camera that is placed next to your loved ones bed. This way, you can check in on your loved one and even ask them if they are alright.

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