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A chair pressure sensor will monitor the activity of your loved one while they sit in their favorite chair. You can see if they have been sitting down for an extremely long period of time and know to request help if needed. These devices integrate with your security panel. Buy chair sensors from us. Chair Sensor for Interlogix
Wellness Sensor w/ 319.5 MHz Transmitter
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Making sure that your elderly or mobility challenged loved one is okay, while still allowing them to live independently, represents a difficult situation that many of us are forced to deal with. It can be very though to find the proper balance between respecting your loved one's privacy and making sure that they are okay and not experiencing a medical emergency. Fortunately, there are many types of medical alert and detector sensors that can help in this regard. One type of sensor you might consider is a chair pressure sensor.

A chair pressure sensor is a wireless sensor that you can enroll with an alarm system to monitor your loved one. This type of sensor is best utilized when your loved one or the person you are monitoring tends to remain seated for an extended period of time. You can see if they have remained in a seated position for an usually long period of time or if they are up at strange hours of the night. Many users have found these sensors to provide a good balance of monitoring, while still respecting a loved one's privacy.

The way that a chair pressure sensor works is fairly simple. This type of sensor consists of a large pad that is placed on a chair. When an individual sits on the chair, it will put pressure on the sensor. The sensor will transmit a signal to the system that the chair is currently occupied. When the individual gets up, the chair sensor will recognize the lack of pressure, and it will send a signal to the system to let it know that the chair is no longer occupied. The system can then send you a notification to let you know about the situation. even offers a specialized wellness platform that provides advanced analytics regarding your loved one's activity. You can set up notifications to be sent out if your loved one has remained seated for an unusually long period of time or if they are seated at a strange time of the day or night. For example, it might not be an issue if your loved one is seated, but if they have been seated for 12 hours straight, then you might want to get an alert about it. The Wellness Platform can monitor your loved one's activity over time and determine what is unusual behavior and what isn't.

You might also expand upon the Wellness Platform with bed pressure sensors, fall sensors, and emergency medical alert buttons. You can easily set up an ideal monitoring environment for your loved one. Most users find that chair pressure sensors are useful for individuals who tend to remain seated in the same chair on a regular basis. If your loved one occasionally has trouble getting up or may become stuck in their chair, then a chair pressure sensor can provide a good compromise in monitoring them, while still respecting their privacy.

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