PowerG Glassbreak Detectors

PowerG Glassbreak Detectors make for a great addition to your PowerG Security System. The devices actively listen for glass break events, including broken windows and protective glass casings. These sensors can monitor multiple windows when placed strategically. Buy PowerG Glassbreak Detectors here.
DSC PG9922 - PowerG 915MHz Out Wireless Glass Break Detector
DSC PG9922
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Glass Break Detector
List Price: $194.00
Our Price: $136.99

If you want to monitor your windows or protective glass casings for breakages, then you will definitely want to consider getting some PowerG Glassbreak Detectors. These are wireless sensors that will work work with any PowerG-compatible alarm control panel. Compatible systems include all versions of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, any DSC PowerSeries NEO with added wireless receiver, and the DSC Iotega. Each sensor has a convenient enrollment button underneath the battery cover that allows it to be auto-enrolled with the system. All you have to do is put the panel into its wireless enrollment mode and activate the enrollment function on the device. From there, you can program the sensor accordingly. Remember that the Iotega System does not offer local end user programming.

The way that a glassbreak sensor works is by actively listening for the sound of breaking glass. These sensors will listen for both the low-pitched thud of an object striking against the glass, as well as the high-pitched shattering of the glass breaking. This dual detection method helps prevent false alarms caused by similar high pitched sounds. Most glass break sensors also include different sensitivity options. If false alarms are a major concern for you, then you can always set your glass break device on the lowest sensitivity option available. Remember that each glassbreak sensor has a range for which it can detect glass being broken. You will want to place each sensor in a good location so that they can all reliably detect any occurrences. You should test your glassbreak sensors with a glassbreak simulator.

The PowerG Glassbreak Detectors are very powerful devices. They boast a highly impressive wireless range of up to 2km in open air with certain panels. You can even extend this range further using a PowerG Wireless Repeater. Another great aspect of these sensors is the fact that they utilize military-grade 128-bit AES encryption. This makes these sensors nearly impossible for others to hack or takeover wirelessly. They are also immune to any RF jamming techniques that could potentially disable non-encrypted sensors. This can provide you great peace of mind in knowing that your sensors will always work.

Glassbreak sensors are perfect for anyone who wants to monitor their windows. Many intruders will not hesitate to smash a window to gain entry to the home. If they do, then your glassbreak sensor will be there to hear the event. It will then alert the system and trigger an alarm. Glassbreak sensors are also great for jewelry stores and gun shops where products are displayed in protective glass casings. If anyone tries to steal your merchandise, then the glassbreak sensor will go into effect. Remember not to cover up your glassbreak sensors or place them behind any obstructions. They should have a clear line or sight to the glass that they are monitoring.

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