DSC PG9922

PowerG 915MHz Out Wireless Glass Break Detector

Dsc pg9922 powerg 915mhz out wireless glass break detector
  • Dsc pg9922 powerg 915mhz out wireless glass break detector
  • Dsc pg9922 internals powerg 915mhz out wireless glass break dete

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The PG9922 is a wireless glass break detector that is designed for use with PowerG-compatible alarm systems. It offers a full 360 degree coverage area for detecting the sound of breaking glass from up to 20 feet away. Purchase the DSC PG9922 Wireless Glassbreak Detector from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC PG9922 PowerG Wireless Glass Break Detector is designed for monitor a window or protective glass casing. The sensor will effectively respond to the breaking of plate, tempered, laminated and wired glass. The device features a 360 degree detection range of up to 20 feet away.

There are many uses for a glass break sensor like the PG9922. The most common application is to monitor glass windows in case an intruder breaks a window to access the property. However, some users install glass break sensors to monitor protective glass casings and pieces of artwork.

The detection cabilities of the PG9922 are highly advanced, and the sensor is designed to dismiss similar sounds that would otherwise cause false alarms. The integrated microphone constantly listen to sounds and analyzes patterns to determine the likely source. This smart analysis will only capture real glass breaking events and ignore other causes.

The PG9922 is part of the PowerG Sensor lineup, which means that it will work with all PowerG-compatible alarm systems. These include any DSC PowerSeries Neo Panel and any Qolsys IQ Panel 2 that has a PowerG daughtercard. The sensor can communicate effectively from up to 2 km away from the panel in open air. This makes it great for monitoring glass across the entire property. It also utilizes 128-bit AES encryption to protect against any hacking attempts or takeovers.


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