PowerG Key Fobs

PowerG Key Fobs provide an easy and convenient way to arm and disarm your wireless security system. These sensors can be quickly enrolled, and they offer 128-bit AES encryption for added security. These devices offer impressive range for security key fobs. Buy PowerG Key Fobs here.
DSC PG9929 - PowerG 915MHz Slimline 4-Button Key
DSC PG9929
PowerG 915MHz Slimline 4-Button Key
List Price: $88.00
Our Price: $63.99
DSC PG9939 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless 4-Button Key
DSC PG9939
PowerG 915MHz Wireless 4-Button Key
List Price: $70.00
Our Price: $50.99
DSC PG9949 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless 2-Button Key
DSC PG9949
PowerG 915MHz Wireless 2-Button Key
List Price: $60.00
Our Price: $43.99

A security key fob is a handheld device that you can easily keep in your pocket, purse or car. With the press of a button, you can provide fast and easy commands to your security system. Most key fobs have inputs for Arm Away, Arm Stay and Disarm. Simply press a button, and your system will respond to the input. You can even use a key fob to trigger a panic in emergency situations.

There are several advantages to using key fobs with your security system. For one you won't have to walk over to your security panel or alarm keypad every time you want to operate your system. You can just pull out your key fob, press a button, and know that the command went through. This excellent convenience makes PowerG Key Fobs a must-have for many users.

Most PowerG Key Fobs provide added features that let you know when a command has gone through successfully. These devices are bi-directional, and they can confirm when a command has been received. After completing a successful transmission, the key fob will flash an LED light and beep to provide confirmation to the end user. Additionally, if the panel has an arm confirm feature, then it will also produce a loud tone when a key fob has been used to Arm Away. Please note that not all panels support this feature, and the panel may just produce a standard chime after arming.

As PowerG devices, the PowerG Key Fobs utilize 128-bit AES encryption when sending transmissions to the panel. This involves using an encryption key that is only known between the key fob and the panel. This secure key is established at the time of enrollment. Unless this secure key is provided during a signal transmission, any given command will not go through. This prevents a savvy intruder from hacking into the wireless network and controlling the system. Many users will appreciate the added security and peace of mind that comes as a result.

A great aspect of PowerG Key Fobs is their incredible range. PowerG Sensors have an advertised range of two kilometers when used with certain panels. This makes them great for use across a large business complex or spacious property. Please note that this range can vary between different systems and sensors. But end users should be impressed with range of their PowerG Key Fobs no matter which compatible system they use.

Some users may also elect to use a PowerG Key Fob as a medical alert device. This is great for elderly and disabled users who want to live independently. They can press a button to request immediate help in the event of a slip and fall or other accident. The user will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes central station service for this to work.

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