DSC PG9929

PowerG 915MHz Slimline 4-Button Key

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The DSC PG9929 is a 4-button key fob that is designed for use with PowerG-compatible alarm systems. It has specific buttons for disarming, arming stay, arming away and triggering a panic. The key ring on the device allows users to carry it around easily. Buy the PG9929 Key Fob here.
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The DSC PG9929 Slimline 4-Button Key is a key fob and panic switch that works with any PowerG-compatible system. Its slim profile and key ring makes it very easy for a user to carry it around at all times. Both visual and audible notifications are produced when the device is activated.

On the PG9929, there are four distinct buttons. There is a button for disarming, arming away, arming stay and triggering an immediate panic. Any button that is pressed must be held down for at least one second for the command to go through. This helps to prevent accidental activations from occurring. However, the panic button must be held down for at least three seconds.

Whenever a command goes through successfully, an LED light and a beep will be produced from the key fob. This can provide users with peace of mind in knowing that a command went through successfully. Additionally, the system can also send messages to the key fob, and the device will produce an LED light to alert the user. For example, the PG9929 will do this when there is a trouble event on the system.

The PG9929 is part of the PowerG Sensor lineup. As a PowerG Sensor, the device has a 2 kilometer range in open air. It is also protected against hacking attempts using 128-bit AES encryption. This makes the PG9929 one of the most powerful key fob devices on the market today.

NOTE: The maximum range for a PowerG Sensor when used with an IQ Panel 2 Plus System is only 2,000 feet in open air. This is considerably less than the advertised 2km range. The 2km range refers to when a PowerG Sensor is used with a DSC PowerSeries NEO System.

Brand: DSC

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