PowerG Medical Alert Buttons

PowerG Medical Alert Buttons are perfect for helping elderly and disabled individuals live more independent lives. The user can simply activate a button if they ever experience a medical emergency and need immediate assistance. Purchase PowerG Medical Alert Buttons from Alarm Grid.
DSC PG9938 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Panic Key
DSC PG9938
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Panic Key
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Many people are concerned that their elderly or disabled loved ones might suffer from a serious fall or get into an accident. If no one is around to help them, then they might experience significant suffering or severe medical consequences. At the same time, it can be very important for them to maintain their independence and privacy. Medical alert buttons present an effective solution to this concern.

When a person wears a medical alert button, they can call for help whenever it is needed. These devices are usually kept on a person at all times and worn as a lanyard or bracelet. Many are water-resistant and can even be taken in the shower without worry. This is particularly useful, as many falls and accidents occur in the bathtub or shower. And by turning off RF supervision, your loved one can even continue to wear their medical alert button if they leave the premises. However, they will still need to be in wireless range to activate it.

A common concern with medical alert buttons is that the user may accidentally activate the button an cause a false alarm. A user will not have to worry about this with a PowerG Medical Alert Button. These devices require that the button is held down for an extended period of time to transmit a signal. A quick, accidental press will not cause the device to activate. The only way the sensor will transmit a signal is with a long, intentional button press.

One of the best features of a PowerG Medical Alert Button is its extended signal transmission range. Depending on the system they are used with, a PowerG Medical Alert Button can transmit signals from up to 2 kilometers away. Keep in mind that some systems may only allow for a shorter range. But the transmission range is still quite good for any system. This will help ensure that you or your loved one can activate their medical alert button from nearly anyone in the premises.

PowerG Medical Alert Buttons also utilize 128-bit AES encryption for added wireless security. It's possible for unencrypted sensors to be hacked or taken over by someone with advanced equipment. However, strong 128-bit AES encrypted signals are nearly impossible for others to hack. This is just another great feature of PowerG Medical Alert Buttons.

Each PowerG Medical Alert Button operates at a wireless frequency of 915 MHz. This makes these devices compatible with systems like the DSC PowerSeries NEO and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. Make sure you check compatibility before purchasing a PowerG Medical Alert Button. If your system operates at a different frequency, then there are other medical alert buttons available.

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