PowerG Panic Buttons

PowerG Panic Buttons make for perfect additions to your PowerG Security Panel. You can activate your panic button in an emergency situation so that you know help will arrive shortly. They are great for use in fires and during expected break-ins or robberies. Buy PanicG Panic Buttons from Alarm Grid.
DSC PG9949 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless 2-Button Key
DSC PG9949
PowerG 915MHz Wireless 2-Button Key
List Price: $42.00
Our Price: $32.99
DSC PG9938 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Panic Key
DSC PG9938
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Panic Key
List Price: $78.00
Our Price: $60.99

If you want a way to trigger an immediate alarm on your PowerG Security System, then a PowerG Panic Button is a great investment. These convenient devices are very simple. You simply press the button to trigger an alarm. You can program a panic button in multiple different ways. You can have it activate an audible or silent intrusion alarm for letting the system know that a break-in is in progress. If you are using the system in a potentially hazardous environment, then you might set up the panic button to trigger a fire alarm. You can even have the panic button trigger an auxiliary medical alarm, which is great for nursing homes or other personal care facilities.

There are also many different styles of PowerG Panic Buttons. This has less to do with what action the system will take when an alarm is triggered. Rather, this is the actual physical style of the panic button. For example, you can get a panic button as a wearable device that you can keep on your person and activate whenever needed. This is also quite useful for elderly or mobility-challenged users who might need to request immediate help in case of a fall. Other PowerG Panic Buttons can come in the form of a key fob. In fact, many users will use key fobs as panic buttons. That way, they have a convenient device that can arm, disarm, and trigger a panic if needed. There are also PowerG Under The Desk Panic Buttons that are designed for use in commercial establishments like banks and convenience stores.

As PowerG devices, you can expect some very impressive signal range out of a PowerG Panic Button. In fact, these devices have some of the best wireless range in the entire security industry. PowerG devices have an advertised range of 2 km when used with a panel with direct line of sight. Just be aware that obstacles like thick walls and large metal objects can reduce this range. Some of the panels that are great for use with PoweG Panic Buttons include all versions of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, all versions of the DSC PowerSeries NEO (with added wireless receiver), and the DSC Iotega. Of these, we like the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus the best.

Another huge benefit of a PowerG Panic Buttons is that they utilize some very impressive security. In fact, these sensors make use of 128-bit AES encryption in all their wireless communication. This is military-grade encryption that you can absolutely count on to keep your home or business safe and protected at all times. This makes these sensors virtually impossible for others to hack, takeover, or disrupt in any fashion. Non-encrypted panic buttons can be defeated using a process called RF jamming, and it's possible that a savvy intruder may utilize such techniques to beat your system. But you can prevent this from happening with encrypted PowerG Panic Buttons.

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