PowerG Smoke Detectors

PowerG Smoke Detectors alert security panels to fires. A good photoelectric smoke detector can save lives in an emergency. The PowerG Smoke Detectors feature an extended wireless range and 128-bit AES encryption for added wireless security. Buy PowerG Smoke Detectors for your system from Alarm Grid.
DSC PG9936 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Smoke And Heat Detector
DSC PG9936
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Smoke And Heat Detector
List Price: $190.00
Our Price: $133.99

If you have a PowerG compatible security system, then you will definitely want to add PowerG Smoke Detectors to your system's sensor lineup. These devices will alert your system to the smoke that indicates a fire. An activated PowerG Smoke Sensor will send your system into a fire alarm. This will have your system sound outbound signals based on your alarm monitoring service. If you have central station monitoring, you can receive automatic dispatch from the local fire department. If you have access to an interactive service platform, you can receive text and/or email alerts regarding a fire alarm.

The PowerG Smoke Detectors are all wireless devices that operate at 915 MHz. They are designed for use with the DSC PowerSeries NEO Security Systems. However, they will also work with the DSC Iotega and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus Security Systems. These sensors protect against wireless takeovers or hacking attempts using 128-bit AES encryption. During enrollment, the PowerG Smoke Detector will establish an encrypted key with the panel. The panel will need to respond with this encrypted key for any command to go through. This bi-directional two-way communication makes these sensors extremely secure for added dependability.

Each PowerG Smoke Detector uses photoelectric technology for accurate smoke detection. This tends to work more reliably than ionization technology, and we recommend using photoelectric smoke detectors whenever possible. Photoelectric smoke detectors work using a small light inside the sensor. When smoke enters the detection chamber, the light will refract. This will tell the sensor to activate and alert the system to the fire. Photoelectric detection works extremely reliably, but there is one concern. Heavy dust or moisture can also enter the chamber and cause a false alarm. Avoid placing smoke detectors in garages, bathrooms, attics and kitchens for this reason. These environments are better-suited for standalone heat detectors.

PowerG Smoke Detectors are available in standalone smoke detector models and models with both smoke and heat detection. Dual smoke and heat detectors will provide a second method for detecting fires. These sensors boast an extremely impressive signal range. They can be used from up to two (2) kilometers away in open air when paired with a DSC PowerSeries NEO System. This distance increases to four (4) kilometers when a PowerG Repeater is used. Please note that the PowerG Smoke Detectors may feature a smaller maximum range when used with other systems. For example, the estimated range when used with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus is 2,000 feet in an open air environment.

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