Can I program a Honeywell 5877 on a Honeywell L5100?

The Honeywell 5877 wireless relay can be used with the Honeywell L5100 Lynx Touch to give you control of your garage doors. However, the 5877 is just a wireless relay so you also need something to tell you if the garage door is opened or closed. The 5822T tilt sensor is a great option or you can use 5816 door sensor wired to a 958 overhead sensor to report status of your garage door to your L5100. See step-by-step instructions in the L5100 garage door zone programming guide for programming your tilt sensor. For further assistance please see the FAQ on "How do I add a Honeywell 5822T tilt sensor to the Honeywell L5100?"

Once the tilt sensor is programmed, you will need to learn in your 5877 relay by pressing the Automation icon. Then press Garage Door Setup > Garage Door 1 > Assign Device > Enter Serial Number > Done. Then click the program button on the 5877. Return back to L5100 and select 'Garage Door 1/Opener 1' and click the 'Learn' button. You should hear a click on the relay to confirm that the pairing was successful. For step-by-step directions, use the L5100 garage door control guide. The final step is to test it from the panel. From the home screen follow this sequence: Automation > Garages > select the Garage Door you want > Press to Open icon from the Garage Door Operations page. The Relay should respond and trigger the door to open.

Now that you have local control squared away, want to control your garage door remotely via Total Connect? No problem.

In order to have the ability to control your garage door remotely you will need to install an L5100-zwave module and sign up for Total Connect 2.0 with remote home automation enabled. Please visit our no contract monitoring page to sign up today! Check out the Honeywell 5877GDPK Programming Guide for step-by-step directions. You will see that you have the option of "including" the siren/strobe or not. If you plan to remotely control the garage door using z-wave then you must include the siren/strobe as notification to anyone in the garage to stay clear of the door. When you purchase a 5877 wireless relay from our website you are sent a 5877GDPK. This includes a Fortress SSA-1 siren with an integrated strobe light which provides an audible and visible warning that the garage door opener is being remotely activated.

Here is the installation manual and setup guide which includes installation tips. The guide also explains how to pair the 5877 to a security key fob and how to have the 5877 report system status with the LEDS. Also, please see Honeywell's FAQs for the 5877. You need one 5877 relay for every garage door you would like to control. The 5877 comes with a 12VDC transformer that will power the unit. You can only enroll 5800 series key fobs with a max of 7 total fobs.

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Ah, okay. Yes, unfortunately, you can't use the 5877 with that type of door but it sounds like you have a decent work around using the MyQ app directly.
Turned out it was the MyQ, I still have the tilt sensor on the door and use the MyQ app to open and close
Do you have the 5822T garage tilt sensor on the door? If you do that will protect the garage even if you are currently having difficulty with the garage door control. Feel free to call in or email us details about the garage door motor so we can get that handled as well.
What kind of garage door opener do you have? There are some, usually ones that say MyQ somewhere on the garage door, that are not compatible with the 5877 or other controllers that provide a dry contact closure.
I just moved to a new house and brought my garage door sensor and relay with me. I am using a L7000 keypad and when I got to open the door I hear the relay click and then I see a light go off on my garage door "motor" where the wiring is, but nothing happens... I am scheduled to be activated tomorrow and wanted to have all the bugs worked out before activation...
What alarm system do you have? If it's a LYNX Touch or Lyric, the icon for controlling the garage door would be under the Automation tab/icon.
I'm sure this is not the right place for this and sorry for that but the icon to open/close the garage used to be on the home screen on my alarm and now its not, is there a way to change that? my kids use it to get their bikes out and going through all the screens is a bit much for them to remember. thanks
If you are trying to use the Garage Door feature, you need to assign the sensor for your 5877 to zones 127, 128, 129 or 130 (depending on which Garage Door slot you assigned for your 5877 relay). Zone 127 is for slot 1 and so on.
Does anyone know if you need to program a specific zone # such as 46, 47, 48 with the new Lyric LCP500? I have the relay working properly however I cannot get the 5816 to properly read open or closed.
No, the installation guide at details how you can map a fob button to the 5877 so that you can press a button on the fob to change the state of the door wired to the 5877.
Would I have to get second 5877? I already have one as stated above with a 5822T...
Yes you can pair the 5834-4 key fob ( ) with the 5877 relay ( ). You can set the asterisk key to toggle the garage overhead door motor. It will close it if its open and open it when it's closed. You will want one of the 5822T tilt sensors as well:
Is it possible to program a panic button of a keyfob to open the door? I already have the automation side working but would love it if I could buy my parents a fob and be able to disarm the house and open the garage.
As a matter of fact, you will need the 5877 in order to view status in the automation section. It is requires that the relay is enrolled and attached to a garage door contact for status.
Thanks Frank - yeah, I read that right away and that's how I have them programmed. Still doesn't work. It's like the automation section is expecting to be able to control the doors. I've went into automation and tried to setup garage doors before, but I don't have any devices (5877) to program and I can't see any way to tie that to the 5816s setup on the security side of things (does that makes sense?).
It is required to have the zones programmed to zones 46 through 48 in order to view status in the automation section. Check out this FAQ:
I have an L7000 with 2 5816's monitoring the status of my garage doors. I can see if the doors are closed by checking the zones in the total connect app; however, I'd like to be able to just go to the automation section and see the open or closed icon. Is this possible? I've messed around with it and it seems like you must have to also have the relay to control the doors (which I don't have currently).
Yes, each overhead door controller would need its own 5877 relay module.
Sterling, I have two g doors. so would i need two?
No, we don't have that video at this time. It's a fairly simple install though. You need to wire the relay module's NO and COM terminals to your garage door controller's terminals. You should land the wires in parallel (same terminals) to the wires from your existing garage door button. Then, you just plug in the AC adapter and follow the programming from the installation guide.
is there a video for this(5877GDPK - Honeywell Z-Wave Remote Garage Door Kit )?
Do you have a garage door sensor programmed to zone 46, 47 or 48?
I am also trying to figure out why there is no "include siren" on my L5100. I have the Zwave module.
Do you have an L5100-ZWAVE module installed?
There is no "include siren" option on my l5100. The only options under "garage door setup" are unassign device, enter serial number, and learn.

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