Under Desk Panic Buttons

An under desk panic button is a great way to request immediate help in emergency situations. These devices are perfect for banks, jewelry stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and really anyone else who wants an easy way to request quick help. Buy under desk panic buttons here.
DSC PG9938 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Panic Key
DSC PG9938
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Panic Key
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Panic buttons come in many varieties and forms. The ones listed here are designed to be installed underneath a counter or desk for quick activation in an emergency situation. In the event of a burglary or threat, you can discreetly press this button and know that help is on the way. This is perfect for users who work in environments prone to robberies. This can include banks and jewelry stores.

Depending on your system, you might go with wired panic buttons or wireless panic buttons. Most under desk panic buttons we feature are of the wireless variety. Each wireless panic button communicates with alarm systems at a particular frequency. You will need to make sure that this frequency is compatible with your alarm panel. If you find a hardwired panic button, then you will need to run wires from the panel to the device.

If you plan on using an under the desk panic button, you will definitely want alarm monitoring service that includes connectivity with a central monitoring station. This is necessary for receiving automatic emergency dispatch when the panic button is activated. If you ever feel threatened or believe you are in danger, then you can press the button and know that the police will be arriving shortly.

There are many programming options available with under the desk panic buttons. You might decide whether you want the intrusion alarm to be audible or silent. An audible alarm will result in any system sounders and sirens activating. This will alert anyone in the building to the alarm, including the intruder. But if you want to discreetly create an alarm event, you would use a silent alarm. With a silent alarm, the system will go into alarm without producing any sounds or creating any commotion. This is a good way to catch an intruder by surprise and have the police show-up to assist.

Under desk panic buttons don't necessarily have to be programmed for police dispatch. For example, you might have the button set to trigger fire dispatch. This is great for kitchens or areas that are prone to fires. You can also have the button for medical dispatch. This is popular in hospitals and special needs environments where emergency medical attention may be needed very quickly. The function of the panic switch will need to be programmed with the panel and discussed with your alarm monitoring company on the zone list.

In addition to under desk panic buttons, there are also wireless panic buttons. These devices can be carried around and kept on one's person at all times. These devices are commonly used by people who want to be able to call for help from any area of the home or business. Many of these devices also double as key fobs for arming and disarming the system. The devices listed on this page are not wireless panic fobs, but mounted devices that are installed under a desk, table or counter. They could also be mounted on a wall if desired. Consider your needs and choose the panic button option that works best for you.

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