Amseco SSX 52S Datasheet

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Amseco SSX-52S - Weatherproof Alarm Siren with Strobe
Amseco SSX-52S
Weatherproof Alarm Siren with Strobe

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• Self-Contained /Indoor/Outdoor Siren and Siren/Strobe • Sturdy aluminum back plate • Strong polycarbonate housing • Dual tamper protection • 120dB sound output • Warble sound output • Mounts directly to wall or 4” square back box • Strobe consists of colored mirror and lens • Available strobe colors: Amber, blue, clear, red


The SSX-52 is a durable indoor/outdoor self-contained siren. The full featured siren consists of a single tone that delivers a warble sound output, 120dB output siren driver, and a dual action reed plunger for cover and rear protection. The SSX-52 is provided with a strong polycarbonate housing and a sturdy aluminum back plate to prevent warping and cracking. The SSX-52 comes completely assembled and ready for installation. The BBK-1 outdoor box may be used when an outdoor back box is required. The SSX-52S Siren-Strobe is also available. It includes all the great SSX-52 features with the addition of a colored strobe. The strobe uses a colored mirror and lens to ensure that the color can be easily distinguished, and is available in amber, blue, clear, or red. The SSX-52/52S excels in noisy areas such as warehouses, loading docks, print shops, busy production floors, or for indoor/outdoor applications where high quality and high output warning is required. Dimensions: inches (mm)
External Dimensions: inch (mm)

In case of the SSX-52S

Tamper Switch

7.08” (180)

3.378” (85.8) 3.378” (85.8) Mounting Holes 4.37” (111) 5.79” (147) SSX-52 SSX-5S


0.177 DIA” (ø4.5)

5” (127)

Model Number

Stock Number

Rated Voltage

Current Draw

Operating Voltage Range Lens Color

Strobe Specifications

Speaker Specifications

Operating Temperature Range

Strobe Candela Rating on Axis 2.03 Min. 1.80 Min. 3.08 Min. .75 Min.

Flash Rate -

Sound Output

Tamper Contact Capacity


4150024 4150025 4150026 4150027 4150028 1500001

6 -12 VDC

620 mA Max.

4.8 - 14.4 VDC


12 VDC

748 mA Max.

9.6 - 14.4 VDC

Blue Clear Red

20 - 100 times/min.


0.3A @ 12V DC

-4°F to 149°F -20°C to 65°C

*Optional outdoor back box

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