Wired Alarm Strobes

Strobe lights are an excellent addition to any alarm system. These devices are used for providing a visual indication of an alarm event on a security system. They are often accompanied by sirens which provide an audible indication of an alarm event. Buy wired alarm strobes from Alarm Grid right now.
WBOX OE-OUTDSIRS Blue - 120dB Outdoor siren with Strobe that comes in Amber, Clear, Blue, or Red
120dB Indoor/Outdoor siren w/ Colored Strobe
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High Output Rainproof Strobe w/ Low 108 mA Current Draw
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WBOX 0E-SIRENSTRO - Indoor/Outdoor Tamperproof Siren/Strobe
Indoor/Outdoor Tamperproof Siren/Strobe
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Strobe lights consist of brightly flashing lights that provide a visual indication of an alarm event. When a person sees strobe lights, they will know that there is a dangerous occurrence and that they should evacuate the premises as quickly as possible. There are many serious situations that could cause this to happen, such as a break in, a fire or the presence of life threatening carbon monoxide gas. Once the strobe has been set up with the alarm system, the lights on the device will activate whenever there is an alarm event on the panel. During this time, any sirens or sounders that we programmed will also activate to provide an audible alert to people nearby.

Almost any security sensor can be programmed in such a way that it will cause a strobe light to activate. Whether or not a strobe and siren activates will depend upon how the the device was programmed with the system and the type of state the system was in when the event occurred. A sensor that was programmed with a Response Type of 24 Hour Audible will result in sirens and strobes regardless of whether the system is armed or disarmed. Most other Response Types will only produce an alarm event if the device is activated while the system is armed. Some Response Types, such as entry/exit, will give the user an opportunity to disarm the system within its entry delay period before an alarm occurs. But if the entry delay period expires, then an alarm event will occur as usual. Other Response Types, such as Interior Follower, will cause an alarm event as soon as the device is activated if the system is armed away. Check the programming settings to make sure that you use the correct Response Type with each device.

Many alarm strobes double as alarm sirens, while others only provide strobe lights with no sound. You can always use a siren and a strobe separately as two different devices if desired. This can be great if you already have a standalone siren that works very well with your system. However, using a all-in-one siren and strobe combo device can be very convenient in its own right. Some sirens and strobes can be used in an outdoor setting, while others are designed strictly for indoor use. Make sure you choose a strobe light that is suitable for your needs. You will also want the lights on the device to be very bright so that everyone will be able to visually identify them in the event of an emergency. This is very important for people with hearing loss.

All hardwired strobes will need to have a wire run from the strobe device to the security system. This can result in a more challenging installation for some users. However, a benefit or a wired strobe is that it will receive power from the security system. But if the strobe is being used with a wireless system and a converter kit, then a backup power supply and relay may still be needed.

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