Amseco SSX-52S

Weatherproof Alarm Siren with Strobe

Amseco ssx 52s weatherproof alarm siren with strobe

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The Amseco SSX-52S is a wired outdoor siren with built-in strobe light. The siren can produce sounds of up to 120 dB, making it suitable for loud industrial environments. Various color options are available based on the needs and the preferences of the user. Buy the Amseco SSX-52S here.

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Amseco's SSX-52S is an effective, well-made siren that comes fully assembled and ready to install. The device produces a 120 decibel warbling sound when it is activated, which is loud enough to startle or scare anyone within earshot. The SSX-52S draws a max of 748 mA when powered by 12VDC.

The siren/strobe combination comes in many different colors, including blue (SSX-52SB), amber (SSX-52SA), clear (SSX-52SC) and red (SSX-52SR). This should satisfy the needs of anyone needing the additional strobe device. Its housing is made with a polycarbonate material, and its backplate is made of aluminum. The SSX-52S Outdoor Siren can withstand almost any weather conditions. Its strong exterior will ensure that it doesn't warp or crack when put under stress.


Submitted on 02/20/2015

Best siren ever, we have 4 on the estate property and security can hear them from anywhere. A must have !!!

Submitted on 05/03/2013

it is loud, you could hear it along ways away. very easy to install. i also like the tamper feature it has.

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