DSC PG9911 Wireless PowerG Outdoor Siren - Data Sheet

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DSC PG9911B - PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Siren Blue LED W/Batt
PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Siren Blue LED W/Batt
List Price: $328.00
Our Price: $230.99

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sensors and accessories
Features That

Make a Difference:

robust, industry leading
commercial grade wireless technology

Sleek design and robust weatherproof
housing (IP55)

110dB Siren with strobe light

Long-life lithium batteries

Compatible with PowerSeries Neo

The power of PowerG*:

The power behind PowerSeries Neo
lies in various innovative technologies,
including the revolutionary PowerG,
which, bundled together, provide
a robust and feature-rich platform
designed to reduce operational costs
for dealers and provide ultimate
reliability for end users.

Multichannel, Frequency Hopping
Spread Spectrum technology - to
overcome frequency blocking and

Adaptive Transmission Power - for
battery life preservation

High transmission ranges - for reliable
communication within up to 2km/2187
yards line-of-sight

TDMA synchronized communication
technology - to prevent message

128 bit AES encryption - high level
protection against analysis tools and
digital attacks
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Wireless PowerG Outdoor Siren
PG9911 Wireless

PowerG Outdoor Siren
The PG9911 is a fully supervised
Wireless PowerG Outdoor
Siren, designed for installation in
areas in which wiring is difficult
or impossible. The PG9911 is a
self-powered wireless outdoor
siren that provides the perfect
security solution for home owners
looking for an external siren that
is both affordable and easy to
install. The PG9911 combines form
and function to provide improved
protection against intruders, before
they get the chance to enter the
Easy to Install | Signal

Quality Indication
Since the PG9911 is wireless, it
can conveniently be installed in
numerous locations outside the
home. With fewer holes to drill and
reduced installation time, an installer
can quickly move on to another
The PG9911 Wireless PowerG
Outdoor Siren is equipped with a
visible signal quality LED indicator
that lets the installer choose the
optimal location for installation,
eliminating the effort of going
back and forth to the keypad.
Additionally, device configuration
is quick and easy with no hardware
switches or need to re-open
devices. All device configuration
settings are handled on the keypad
with no need to re-open the device
once installed.
Differentiated audible and visual
alerts are emitted in the case of
Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Burglary
and Flood events, ensuring that no
alert goes unnoticed. In addition to
providing a loud audible alert, the
PG9911 also contains a built-in
high-power strobe light providing a
visual alert of the event. communications
sensors and accessories
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Weather-Proof Design
The PG9911 provides an Ingress Protection (IP) of IP55.
An Ingress Protection Rating provides information on how
well the siren is equipped to withstand the elements that
it is exposed to. A rating of IP55 in particular ensures the
unimpaired functionality of the PG9911 PowerG wireless
outdoor siren in the presence of dust and water jets.
295 x 186 x 63mm (11.63 x 7.31 x 2.5 in.)
Battery Life:
up to 8 years (typical use)
Battery Type:
3.6V, Li-Thionyl Chloride 0-102710
Weight (including battery):
970g (34oz)
Operating Temperature:
-33°C to 70°C

(-27.4°F to 158°F)
Please refer to www.dsc.com for the most current approval listings.
PowerSeries Neo Systems
PowerSeries Neo is Security Redefined
PowerSeries Neo by DSC redefines intrusion security by combining the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system
with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals, resulting in the most comprehensive hybrid
system available in the market today.
This brand new and exceptionally flexible platform leverages the superior capabilities of PowerG – the industry’s
leading-edge wireless intrusion technology. Innovative alarm verification solutions, together with an exceptionally
comprehensive remote service software suite, make PowerSeries Neo the ideal first-class solution for residential and
scalable commercial installations.
PN 30001552R001