PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Siren Blue LED W/Batt

Dsc pg9911b powerg 915mhz outdoor siren blue led w slash batt
  • Dsc pg9911b powerg 915mhz outdoor siren blue led w slash batt
  • Dsc pg9911b internals powerg 915mhz outdoor siren blue led w sla

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The PG9911B is an outdoor siren that can produce sounds of up to 110 dB. It includes a blue strobe light for providing visual indication of an alarm. The device features an impressive range of 2 km with clear line of sight, allowing it be used anywhere on the property. Buy the PG9911B here.
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The DSC PG9911B PowerG Outdoor Siren is a great way to provide a reliable and powerful sounder to a separate area of your home or business. It produces sounds of up to 110 dB, and it is prepared to stand up to a tough outdoor environment. It also features a strobe light for visual alerts.

Some users may find that the siren used with their alarm system isn't loud enough. Others may want a separate, additional siren to use on a different part of the property. That is where the DSC PG9911B comes in. This device is a separate, external siren that can produce sounds of up to 110 dB. This is as loud as a typical hard rock concert. At this impressive volume, the siren is plenty loud enough to alert building occupants and other people nearby to an alarm event. This is perfect for any burglary or fire that may occur in the home or business.

In the past, users had to rely on a hardwired siren if they wanted to make their alarm system louder. Wiring and getting power to a hardwired siren can be a somewhat challenging process for a DIY user. But a wireless siren like the PG9911B eliminates that need. Instead, it is simply enrolled wireless and programmed with a compatible alarm system. Since the PG9911 is fully weatherproof, with an IP55 rating, it will have no problem functioning in an outdoor environment.

The PG99111B is part of the PowerG Series, and it offers the full functionality of a PowerG Sensor. It will function from up to 2 km away from an alarm system with a clear line of sight. This makes it perfect for use on a separate area of the property to ensure that everyone can hear the alarm. The device also utilizes 128-bit AES encryption to protect against wireless hacking attempts.


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