Honeywell 5800PIR Series Top Reasons

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5800PIR Series

Top Reasons for Honeywell Dealers to Buy the 5800PIR Series

More Satisfied Customers

The 5800PIR Series is more than 50% smaller than the 5890PI and 5894PI and therefore, more aesthetically pleasing. Also, the concealed light pipe makes the product even less conspicuous. Homeowners will be more satisfied with the installation.

Faster to Install

The automatic walk test mode turns on the walk test LED for 10 minutes when cover is opened and closed or when a battery is installed. It saves the installer a trip up the ladder for every sensor. Walk test mode can also be triggered with a flashlight on the 5800PIR and 5800PIR-COM.

Easier to Install

Easy-open case, no jumpers, DIP switches or PCB removal required while mounting the product and fewer mounting height restrictions. Mount anywhere from 7’ to 9’ with no need to move the circuit board. The automatic timeout for the walk test LED prevents installers from draining the batteries prematurely.

Fewer Service Calls

Easier to Program

Pet immunity or sensitivity can be set at the keypad or via Compass by selecting a different loop number (5800PIR and 5800PIR-COM only).

Adapts to Changes

Changes in the home or business are less likely to require service calls (e.g., new pets, growing pets, furniture changes, false alarm sources moved/introduced or seasonal changes in false alarm sources such as space heaters and air conditioners). A new loop number can simply be downloaded via Compass Downloader. The integrated cold temperature sensor in the 5800PIR and 5800PIR-COM provides dealers with the ability to offer automatic cold temperature alerts, an incremental RMR opportunity.

Additional RMR Opportunity For Free

The 5800PIR has a battery life of up to seven years, which is 38% longer than the 5890PI (in a typical installation with an average of 80 motion events per day).

Longer Battery Life

Please note that battery life may vary depending on the number of alarms per day and environmental conditions of the installation site.

No Tamper Switch

The 5800PIR-RES has no tamper switch. This means that end-users can replace the batteries themselves without sounding trouble at the keypad—resulting in fewer service calls.

Fewer Mounting Restrictions

The 5800PIR Series can be mounted with SMB10 swivel brackets, which add mounting flexibility on walls and ceilings.

Fewer False Alarms

The patented black bug guard and sealed optics make the product less susceptible to false alarms caused by insects/bugs. In addition, the sensor is 15% less likely to false alarm when light is shined into the unit.

Approved for Commercial Use

The back tamper meets commercial UL requirements (5800PIR and 5800PIR-COM).

More Flexibility for Commercial Applications

The 5800PIR-COM has a greater range than the current offering (60' x 80' versus 40' x 56'). This enables dealers to save labor on commercial installations by providing them with a viable alternative to long-range wired motion sensors. The 5800PIR Series blends with Honeywell’s existing family of sensors—creating a seamless look across the line. The plastic cases of the 5800PIR Series can be painted to match the room color. This feature is appealing to aesthetically conscious end-users and provides Honeywell dealers with yet another opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. The look down option offers a tighter range that can catch intruders up close or against a wall under the sensor.

Family Look

Increase Sales and Close Rates

Reduce Liability and Improve Performance

PIR Comparison
New Old

Target Market Temperature Compensation Pet Immunity Self Test Snap in PCB Battery Life (80 Events Per Day) Easy Open Case Look Down Zone Remotely Programmable Cold Temperature Alert Patented Black Bug Guard UV Protected Lens Automatic Walk Test Walk Test Enabled with Flashlight Screws, Wall Mounts and Lens Mask Provided Tamper Covered PCB Agency Approvals Battery Pull Tab Size Jumpers or DIP Switches Paintable Replacement Cases Temperature Range Patterns/Range
Price Conscious/ Operational Efficiency Dual Slope Yes, always 80 lbs. No Yes 7 years Yes No No No Yes No Yes No No No Yes cETLus No

Versatility Dual Slope Yes (0-80 lbs.) Yes Yes 7 years Yes Yes, selectable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes cETLus cULus Pending Yes

Commercial Dual Slope No Yes Yes 7 years Yes Yes, selectable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes cETLus cULus Pending Yes

Residential No Yes (0 or 40 lbs.) No No (Screw) 5 years No No No No No No No No Mask only Yes No UL Resi and Comm No 2.69" x 4.75" x 1.88" Yes, Jumpers No 0° C - 50° C 35'

Residential Single Slope Yes (0 or 80 lbs.) No Yes 5 years Yes No No No Yes No No No Yes Yes No UL/ULC Resi and Comm Yes 3" x 5" x 1.7" Yes, Jumpers No 0° C - 50° C 35'

2.375" x 3.375" x 1.5" 2.375" x 3.375" x 1.5" 2.375" x 3.375" x 1.5" Not Needed Yes -10° C - 50° C 35' x 40' Not Needed Yes -10° C- 50° C 35' x 40' Not Needed Yes -20° C - 50° C 60' x 80' or 100' x 20'

Honeywell Exclusive

Optional Lookdown Storage

Sealed Optics

Patented Black Bug Guard

Orientation Marker

Snap-in PCB

Covered PCB

Battery Pull Tab

Integrated Low Temperature Alert Easy-to-open Case

Back Tamper Enable