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Honeywell VISTA-21iP - Internet Alarm Control Panel, open
Honeywell VISTA-21iP
Internet Alarm Control Panel
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Integrated Communications Solution

Integrated Communications Solution
Introducing the VISTA-21iP from Honeywell. The feature-rich control delivers the same installation advantages, innovative end-user benefits and robust system capacity you’ve come to expect with VISTA panels – plus a whole lot more!
Built-in Internet Communicator
The built-in Internet Communicator was developed to take advantage of the growing use of the Internet for security communications. It provides the most sophisticated, reliable data security – with no installation required! You can count on this revolutionary technology to deliver the most secure, reliable monitoring solution available.

VISTA-GSM Digital Communicator
Honeywell’s VISTA-21iP with the VISTA-GSM combines the dialer, Internet and GSM in one cabinet. Our exclusive Quad-Path technology – which provides four paths of communication using the dialer, the Internet, GPRS and SMS – delivers added reliability and security. The primary communication path is selectable – offering a convenient, cost-efficient way to communicate. Should the Internet be selected as the primary path and become unavailable, the unit can communicate via the GSM network.

Secure, reliable and complimentary digital communications via GSM...all in one system!

VISTA-21iP...Expect More.
More Opportunity
In today’s digital era, it has become increasingly important to utilize the advancements in technology to remain competitive. Honeywell’s VISTA-21iP provides you with a great new opportunity to both increase and maintain recurring revenue – helping you meet the needs of the growing number of broadband communication users.

More Longevity
Our use of Dual-Path GPRS and service with SMS backup provides substantial benefits that protect and future-proof your investment. The combination delivers secure, reliable and complementary digital communications via GSM – all in one system. With VISTA-21iP, you’re equipped to meet all of your customers’ needs today, regardless of tomorrow’s changing technology.

More Speed, Flexibility and Installation Ease
VISTA-21iP is a great alternative to TELCO lines – providing a faster communications solution at higher speeds than the traditional 300-baud POTS method. Installation and programming have never been simpler. An optional snap-in GSM radio installs right on board with no additional transformer required. You can quickly and easily program radios via an alpha keypad or AlarmNet Direct.

Save Installation Time!
• • • •

SIM Card

Built-in standard TELCO dialer Integrated IP Communicator and GSM radio No wires! Simple, snap-in GSM radio

Internet Communicator


VISTA-21iP board shown with optional snap-in GSM radio

VISTA-21iP…Multiple Communication Paths

Control Center

Our VISTA-GSM Digital Communicators can send the signal over the GPRS Network. If GPRS is unavailable, the signal can be transmitted via the SMS network.

VISTA-GSM radio snaps on to the control board.

Protected Premise
Signals are transmitted from the protected premise upon an alarm condition.

With the IP communicator built on-board, Dynamic Signaling priority is selectable along with Dynamic Signaling Delay. If the Internet is selected as the primary path and becomes unavailable, the VISTA-GSM automatically attempts to send the signal over the GSM network. During this time, the system will continuously try to re-establish the connection with the Internet for the next signal.

Quad-Path Communications
Our groundbreaking solutions like Quad-Path technology increase the reliability of security communications so signals get through. For the VISTA-GSM, Dual-Path GSM communication utilizes GPRS and automatically switches to SMS if GPRS is unavailable. Honeywell adds Internet capability along with GPRS, SMS technology and TELCO connectivity to provide Quad-Path communications. In this case, the Internet is used as the primary path with GSM technology as a back-up.

Quad-Path communications include: – GPRS – SMS – Internet – TELCO

Dedicated Managed Private Networks
The carrier identifies the GPRS or SMS signal as coming from Honeywell, and manages it separately from all other signals on their network. This ensures delivery to AlarmNet.

AlarmNet Network Control Center
AlarmNet processes signals from powerful servers in multiple locations equipped with 24/7 infrastructure support. The AlarmNet network consists of redundant hardware servers, hot back-up databases and generators with battery back-up at all locations to ensure continuity of service.

Central Station
Signals from AlarmNet are transmitted to central station receivers using multiple communications paths consisting of the Internet, radio network or toll-free POTS service.

VISTA-21iP…Connect to Opportunity!
VISTA-21iP is Total Connect-ready.
Honeywell’s Total Connect digital communications solutions let you provide your customers with exciting options for connectivity, control and notification while providing a great opportunity for you. When combined with Total Connect, the VISTA-21iP’s value-added services are unmatched – making these exclusive new solutions an ideal way for you to increase RMR and differentiate your business!

Remote System Control
Users can conveniently control the system and receive information through any SMS text messaging device – including cell phones and PDAs. Your customers can: • Request system status • Arm or disarm their system • Bypass specific zones • Control outputs

Zone Management


Optional Device Control

Virtual Keypad
At the heart of Total Connect is the unique virtual keypad, which can be accessed via a secure website. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, your customers can control this keypad via PCs, compatible PDAs, web-enabled cell phones and more to stay connected to their homes. Since they can log in from any remote location, it provides the ultimate convenience, control and flexibility.

Notification of System Events
For customers who require detailed reporting and customized communications, VISTA-21iP and Total Connect are ideal. They can report on a wide variety of system events – sending personalized notification via e-mail to any capable device, including cell phones and PDAs. In addition to system status, your customers can be notified of activity occurring in various areas of the home, including: • A gun or liquor cabinet • A kitchen cabinet with household chemicals • When their child has arrived home from school

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