Lyric Controller - Critical Update re: LYRICLTE-A

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Document Transcript

Resideo Technologies, Inc.
LCP500-L Lyric Controller – Critical Update
Resideo has identified a critical firmware issue that affects the LCP500-L control panel when

an LYRICLTE-A (AT&T) communicator is installed. After the AT&T 3G cellular sunset on
2/22/22, LCP500-L panels with a LYRICLTE-A cellular communicator will lose connectivity to

the AT&T cellular network, as it will continue to search for a 3G signal as part of the

registration process.
Firmware Update

All LCP500-L controllers with a LYRICLTE-A cellular communicator must have its firmware

updated prior to the AT&T 3G Sunset on 2/22/2022. This new firmware for the LCP500-L is

now available via AlarmNet360 – the firmware version is 01.09.07772.494
Resideo recognizes that this may be a time consuming activity and we are prepared to assist

in upgrading all of your LCP500-L control panels with LYRICLTE-A communicators to the

latest version before the critical deadline. As such, Resideo will begin the process of updating

all impacted LCP500-L control panels to the latest firmware version beginning 12/8/21.
Any LCP500-L installed on or after 2/22/22 with a LYRICLTE-A will need to be upgraded to

the latest firmware version (01.09.07772.494) using the integrated Wi-Fi communicator

before it will support the LYRICLTE-A communicator. This issue does not affect the

LYRICLTE-V communicator, this will continue to function using the current firmware.
Thank you for time and attention to this matter.
The Resideo team.