2GIG Edge Firmware Updates

2GIG Edge diy wireless security system w slash 7 screen

2GIG regularly releases firmware updates for their products, including the 2GIG Edge. These updates are meant to both add new features, and repair outstanding issues that have been reported and confirmed by 2GIG. This keeps the panel current, updated, and relevant for years to come. On this page, you will find a list of all firmware updates for the 2GIG Edge. The most current firmware release will be prominently displayed at the top of the page, to the right. Select the "Download Current Firmware" button to proceed. See the update instructions at the bottom of this page.

Current Firmware: V3.1.0.011

For full instructions on how to apply a firmware upgrade to the 2GIG Edge, follow these instructions. This update also applies to the 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad. Once the panel has been updated, it will automatically update the keypad via WIFI. Be sure that neither the panel, nor the keypad lose AC power during the update process.

Release Notes

Enhancements and Resolved Issues in version
  • Image Sensor support added. Use 2GIG-IMAGE3 with 2GIG-XCVR30GC3 transceiver module.
  • Resolved intermittent console LOS
  • Resolved 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad connectivity issues
  • WIFI Improvements

For full Release Notes, please see this document.