2GIG Edge Remote Keypad

Wireless Touchscreen Keypad

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The 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad is a touchscreen keypad for the 2GIG Edge Security System. It maintains the same easy-to-use intuitive interface as the 2GIG Edge itself. The wireless touchscreen keypad pairs across a WIFI network. It has a SKU of 2GIG-EDG-RK. Buy the 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad here.
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The 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad provides a secondary on-site location for controlling your 2GIG Edge Security System. This wireless touchscreen keypad has the same user interface (UI) as the main system. Users will have no trouble operating the remote keypad to perform system commands.

Many users will install the 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad by a back door or garage door that they use for coming and going. It is also great for use in a master bedroom if you want to arm your system before going to sleep at night. In total, you can have up to eight (8) keypads paired with the 2GIG Edge. Most users won't need that many, but it's great that the option is available! This keypad receives primary power from a plug-in transformer, and it has an internal backup battery to provide temporary power if AC power becomes lost. You will need to provide your own cabling to connect the keypad to its transformer. A Honeywell LT-Cable works great for this task!

Because the 2GIG Edge is an all-in-one panel, it contains the receiver for all wireless devices, as well as the Z-Wave controller for the system. For this reason, it is a good idea to mount the main panel in a central location. This will allow it to obtain the best range for the various wireless devices it will be communicating with. In addition, by placing the main panel away from points of entry, you also help to protect it from intruders. Using the 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad near the point of entry instead of the main panel can act as a decoy, providing vital time for the main panel to alert the authorities to an unauthorized entry.

You will be pleased to find that the 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad mimics the screen of the main 2GIG Edge System, making it very easy to perform all of the same commands on the keypad that you would perform on the system. The keypad pairs across a local WIFI network, or you can use a wireless Access Point (AP) on the 2GIG Edge System if the local WIFI is weak or non-existent. This sleek and modern keypad has dimensions of 7.5"L x 5.625"W x 1"D, which is the same as the alarm panel itself.

The 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad has a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, just like the main 2GIG Edge Alarm Panel. It has an on-board front camera that streams to the 2GIG Edge Panel and any other 2GIG Edge Remote Touchscreen Keypads on the network. It offers alert sounds, chimes, and voice annunciation so that you stay alerted to all system activity. You can also configure the keypad to operate as a digital picture frame and display a slideshow of photos. This can add a nice, personal touch to your home or office! Certifications for the keypad include UL & cUL Listed, SIA CP-01 Compliant, and much more.


  • Product Type: Wireless Touchscreen Keypad
  • Compatibility: 2GIG Edge Security System
  • Display Screen: 7-Inch LCD Touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Local WIFI (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz), Wireless Access Point (AP)
  • Dimensions: 7.5"L x 5.625"W x 1"D
  • Features: Alerts, Chimes, Voice Annunciation, Digital Slideshow, Front Camera, Auto Discovery Protocol

Brand: 2GIG

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