System Enhancement Module (SEM) with Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator for DSC PowerSeries


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The ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ is a cellular communicator add-on for the DSC PowerSeries Alarm Systems. This module allows a DSC PowerSeries Panel to connect with the Verizon LTE Cellular Network and access the interactive service. Get the most out of your DSC PowerSeries Panel.
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The ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ for DSC PowerSeries is a cellular communicator that connects with the Verizon LTE network. This is a very important add-on for a DSC PowerSeries System, as it will allow the panel to receive cellular monitoring, access and support Z-Wave devices.

Cellular monitoring is ideal for an alarm system. This is because of its overall strong consistency and great performance. Cellular service is almost never down or unavailable, and LTE speeds are very close to those of WIFI. Additionally, a cellular network is still accessible even when the power is out. This means that the panel will still receive monitoring and protect the home or business during an electrical outage.

This cellular communicator connects with the Verizon LTE Network. LTE is short for "long-term evolution", and these networks provide faster speeds and greater reliability than less advanced cellular networks. By using an LTE communicator, the security system will enjoy faster speeds when communicating with a central station and when being used with Z-Wave devices. Cellular service providers have stated that they plan to support their LTE networks for many years to come. So with an LTE communicator, a user is essentially "future-proofing" their system.

The service offers many conveniences for end users. A user can access through a web browser or the Mobile App to arm and disarm their system, control Z-Wave smart home devices, check the current status of security sensors and more. In addition to providing access to, this communicator also serves as a Z-Wave controller for supporting Z-Wave home automation. But a user will need a touchscreen keypad for any local Z-Wave control. Otherwise, all Z-Wave operation must occur through

The module supports DSC PowerSeries PC1616, PC1832 and PC1864 Panels.

Brand: DSC

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