Outdoor 1080P POE Fixed Dome Camera with Night Vision

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The ADC-VC826 is an outstanding fixed dome camera for indoor and outdoor environments. It offers clean 1080P HD recording quality and IR night vision for capturing video in the dark. The device can integrate with and utilize power over ethernet (PoE) technology. Buy the ADC-VC826 here.
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The ADC-VC826 Indoor/Outdoor Dome Camera is the optimal dome camera for both residential and commercial settings. Its fixed dome design makes it resistant to tampering, and the camera's 1080P HD capture quality produces truly crystal-clear video recordings whenever it is in use.

The ADC-VC826 is ideal for users who want an indoor or outdoor camera that is easy to install, yet difficult for intruders to tamper with. Its vandal-resistant exterior casing offers supreme protection against any break-in attempts. This robust protective casing also provides the camera with a highly impressive IP67 weather rating. It is waterproof and dust-tight, making it suitable for virtually any environment. Users can install this camera with confidence knowing that it will work properly in even the harshest of areas. It can even withstand temperatures ranging from -22°F to 140°F.

As a camera, the ADC-VC826 features a remarkable 108° viewing angle, a 2.8mm F1.6 lens, an IR night vision range of up to 95 feet, and of course a full 1080P HD recording quality. With the addition of a stream video recorder, the ADC-VC826 can be configured for a continuous 24-hour recording schedule. And thanks to its power over ethernet (PoE) support, the camera does not even need a plug-in transformer to stay powered. Instead, it can receive full power from a compatible ethernet connection. Please note, the ADC-VC826 does not support a WIFI network connection. It requires an ethernet cable to run from the camera to the router or switch. Image adjustments for flip, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and exposure are available. The dome camera has a pan range of 0° to 355°, a tilt range of 0° to 75° and a rotation range of 0° to 355°. Please note, this is a fixed camera. Pan and Tilt settings are manually adjusted at the time of installation, and once set, they are fixed. They cannot be changed through

Everything that a user needs to set up the ADC-VC826 comes packaged with the device with the exception of the ethernet cable. If the router in use does not support POE, an AC/DC Power supply, or a POE Injector can be used. Included is all of the mounting hardware, a camera stand, a drill template, and a hex key Allen wrench. The complete mounting process can be done by a DIY user with minimal effort. Additionally, the camera is extremely easy to integrate with the platform. The camera weighs in at just over a pound, and it is a very discreet 4.4" by 3.2". But it certainly fits some high-tech equipment into a small design! For users looking for a secure, discreet, Camera with some very high-quality recording capabilities and functions, this is truly the device to choose. It is a great addition to any home or business video surveillance setup.


Great Dome Camera!
Submitted on 11/19/2019 Alarm Grid

The ADC-VC826 is an outdoor fixed dome camera built for use with the platform. This dome camera can capture video at up to 1080p quality, and it is weather-resistant to withstand the elements. The camera reliably captures high-quality video, and it is particularly great for businesses looking for an effective video surveillance option. We think this is an outstanding camera, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There really are many things to like about the VC826 Outdoor Dome Camera. Its 1080p recording quality is excellent, and it can really capture some clear video. This is extremely important if you ever need to identify a suspect or confirm certain types of activity. The device has a vandal-resistant exterior casing that will prevent others from tampering or disabling the device. The ADC-VC826 is both waterproof and dust-tight with an IP67 rating, so you can rely on it to work in pretty much any weather. The camera supports power over ethernet (PoE), which makes it easier to provide power. It also includes IR night vision, which makes it easier for the camera to work in a dark environment. It also has a discreet and compact design at just 4.4" by 3.2". Also the device is surprisingly easy to install.

There aren't many negatives to the ADC-VC826, but there are some to mention. For one, it cannot do WIFI without the use of an ethernet converter. Really, your best option with this device is to just use PoE. And if the IP router doesn't support PoE, then a PoE injector should be used. Another thing to consider is that it can only be used with If you do not have, then you cannot use this camera. But overall, this camera has so many positives that it deserves 5 Stars.

Good: 1080p, Protective Exterior, IP67 Rating, PoE, IR Night Vision, Compact Design, Easy to Install

Bad: Cannot Use WIFI, Only for

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Sterling, Does the Vc826 support video analytics? Also what are the frames per second in recorded clips? Does the svr enable full FPS and resolution?
Hi Little Johnny. We're glad you reached out and I'm sorry you've had frustrations with this camera. It sounds like CPI may not have you enabled for's video analytics - Does your account show those options? Like CPI, we also offer service and using our low-cost, no-contract Platinum or Self Platinum plan at or our standalone video plan at, you could setup your cameras with us and we'd include the analytics feature for you so you can cut down on the useless recordings and only capture true motion. If you're interested please email us at referencing this page or call M-F 9-8 EST at 888-818-7728. Also, just so you know the camera's field of view is 108 degrees as listed in the data sheet -
SO, my issue with the camera is that it gives off FALSE ALARMS DUE TO SHADOW MOVEMENT ON THE GROUND CAUSED BY UNSEEN TREES OFF SCREEN, ON A SUNNY DAY! Not worth the $299 that I paid for each of them. Also, if you manually take a video clip from the CPI app, the lag time from when you push start until the video starts recording LIVE has a differential of about 20+ seconds using (PoE)! And then you'll only get what's really taking place for about 20 seconds of smooth video streaming on the back end of the clip. I have 200Mb of download bandwidth from Spectrum, which is standard. I have to blame it on the camera or the 4-port PoE switch CPI installed. It's not my internet. Seriously, I never like giving a bad review on any company's equipment! I'd rather try to understand the problem from their point of view and rectify the problem so I can be happy and keep it, but it has to perform the way I think it should. I worked for 7 years in the Department of Defense using hi-tech sensors utilizing Hyper-spectral imagining and algorithms for IED underground detection, including sensors for border security. ADC-VC826 should not be that difficult to make it work properly with the CPI software for a positive outcome on detection. Right now, these dome camera keep triggering every 10-20 minutes and sending me text alerts like some invisible entity is creeping around my property. PLEASE HELP ME find a solution!
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