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The Alarm ADC-W100 is an ethernet to WIFI bridge that eliminates the need to run an ethernet wire from the router to the camera. The module plugs conveniently into a power outlet, and it provides a PoE ADC Camera with electrical power and IP connectivity. Buy the ADC-W100 from Alarm Grid.
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The ADC-W100 Ethernet to WIFI Bridge provides a convenient solution for users looking to set up power over ethernet (PoE) Cameras in their home or business. The bridge uses an ethernet cable to connect directly with an ADC Camera. It receives power from a plug-in adapter.

The reason to use the ADC-W100 is so that you do not need to run an ethernet cable all the way from your PoE ADC Camera to your router. Instead, you can connect the PoE ADC Camera with the ADC-W100 bridge with an ethernet cable. The ADC-W100 will require power from an outlet. From there, the ADC-W100 will communicate wirelessly with the router using WIFI connectivity. The camera will then receive both power and IP connectivity from the ADC-W100.

When setting up the ADC-W100 with the router, there are two possible wireless configurations. You can use an access point (AP) to connect the module with the wireless network. However, most users will simply join the ADC-W100 Bridge with the WIFI network itself. The ADC-W100 includes a WPS button for easy setup. It also features a network reset button and status LED lights. It is designed exclusively for use with Security Cameras that use power over ethernet PoE technology.


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