Can I Connect a VISTA-21iP Panel to WIFI?

Yes, you can connect a VISTA-21iP to WIFI. However, you can only do this with an ethernet-to-WIFI converter. This will take the ethernet connection from the panel and allow it to connect with a local WIFI network. But keep in mind that a power outage will take the VISTA System offline.

Honeywell vista 21ip internet alarm control panel open

A VISTA-21iP System is basically just a VISTA-20P System with a built-in Honeywell 7847i IP Communicator. Right out of the box, the system is ready for a hardwired ethernet connection. This is what allows it to communicate with the AlarmNet360 Servers for monitoring service. But if you want the panel to connect to a local IP network using a wireless WIFI connection, then you will need some extra equipment.

An ethernet-to-WIFI converter will take the hardwired ethernet connection from the VISTA-21iP Panel and allow it to communicate with the router wirelessly through WIFI. As far as the panel knows, it is still using a hardwired ethernet connection like normal. But in reality, it will be on a WIFI network. This won't actually change the performance of the panel or anything, but it can be useful if you are having trouble reaching an ethernet cable from the IP router to the VISTA-21iP Panel.

If you are looking for an ethernet-to-WIFI converter to use, then the ADC-W100 Ethernet to WIFI Bridge is available for purchase on our website. This module was originally designed for use with Security Cameras. That being said, it will also work quite well in this type of application. It includes a WPS button so that you can easily pair the module with a local WIFI network.

There is just one thing you will want to keep in mind if you are using an ethernet-to-WIFI converter. The module will likely require power from a wall outlet. The connection is simple enough, as you just plug it in. However, you should be aware that an electrical outage will take the ethernet-to-WIFI converter offline. This will in turn take the panel offline. And if you don't have another communication path enabled, then your panel will be unmonitored.

Fortunately, there are some ways to overcome this potential problem. The most obvious is to get a cellular communicator for the system. This will serve as a backup communication path for the system in case the internet goes down for whatever reason. But you must consider that adding a cellular communicator will require you to disable the integrated 7847i Communicator for the system.

Doing this will leave the system without an IP connection, assuming that you get a standalone cellular communicator. But if you get a dual-path communicator, then that won't be an issue. You will still need to disable the 7847i, but it will be okay, as the new communicator will provide both cellular and IP. Some good dual-path communicators to use with the Honeywell VISTA-21iP include the Honeywell LTE-IA (AT&T LTE & IP) and the Honeywell LTE-IV (Verizon LTE & IP).

However, cellular monitoring service usually costs extra, and some users may be reluctant to pay additional money for cellular service. While we always recommend going cellular if possible, we understand that some users may want to use IP only. And Alarm Grid will work with these users whenever possible. If you do decide to go IP only, then it is recommended that you have a backup power supply for your IP router. And if you use an ethernet-to-IP converter, then you will want a backup power supply for that module as well. Without a backup power supply, a power outage will take your system offline and leave you unmonitored.

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