Replacement Batteries for DSC PG9901 & PG9911

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The DSC BATT-PGX901/X911 includes two (2) replacement batteries for the DSC PG9901 and PG9911 PowerG Wireless Sirens. These batteries have an average lifespan of eight (8) years. The sirens come with two (2) batteries, this is a replacement pack. Buy PowerG Siren batteries here!
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The DSC BATT-PGX901/X911 serves as the replacement batteries for the DSC PG9901 and DSC PG9911 PowerG Wireless Sirens. Each of these sirens already comes with two batteries included. The original batteries will last between seven (7) and nine (9) years before replacement is required. Replacement of these 3.6 Volt Li-Thionyl Chloride 0-102710 batteries is simple, with a quick connect harness and connector built into each battery.

As PowerG devices, each of these sirens offers Adaptive Transmission. This feature allows the siren and the PowerG transceiver to communicate with one another and dial in the amount of transmission power needed. Allowing the siren to communicate successfully, without wasting power. This is how the PG9901, PG9911, and other PowerG devices are able to offer such long battery life. This is just one of the reasons we love PowerG devices so much! These batteries may also be called by part numbers 3W-BATPGx901 or K-305177. Each package contains two (2) batteries.

When the original batteries lose the ability to hold a charge, the DSC PG9901 or DSC PG9911 siren will signal the alarm panel that it has a low battery condition. At that time, both original batteries should be replaced using the DSC BATT-PGX901/X911. If your system is monitored, be sure to contact the monitoring station and place your system on test before removing the siren's cover. This will generate a trouble condition and a signal to the monitoring station for those accounts that use full central station monitoring.


  • Battery Size: A
  • Output Voltage: 3.6VDC
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SoCl2)
  • Alternate Part Numbers: 3W-BATPGx901 ; K-305177

Brand: DSC

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Useful Siren Battery!
Submitted on 06/08/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC BATT-PGX901/X911 is the battery for the DSC PG9901 PowerG Indoor Siren and the DSC PG911B PowerG Outdoor Siren and Strobe. These sirens both already come with a DSC BATT-PG901/X911 Siren Battery included. However, you will need to replace the initial battery with a new one once its useful life expires. There is also the consideration that you can add a second battery to both of these sirens to serve as a backup power source. The DSC BATT-PG901/X911 comes with a plug-in connector, which allows you to easily install it inside your DSC PG9901 or DSC PG9911B Siren. Overall, this is a very effective and reliable battery, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the DSC BATT-PGX901/X911 Battery. For one, it has a very long product life of eight (8) years on average. This will reduce the number of battery replacements you need to make and save you money in the long run. The battery has a plug-in connector for an easy installation. You can use two batteries in the same siren for more reliable power. This is completely optional, and you can stick to using one battery if that is what you prefer, or if you do not want to buy a second battery.

There are not many downsides regarding the DSC BATT-PGX901/X911 Battery. As this battery is for the DSC PowerG Sirens only, it has a rather limited use. Although this battery has a long product life, it will still need to be replaced eventually. But overall, these downsides for the DSC BATT-PGX901/X911 Battery are relatively minor. This is a reliable battery that will keep your siren operating the way that it should. For that reason, we give the DSC BATT-PGX901/X911 Battery a score of 5 Stars.

Good: Long Product Life, Plug-In Connector, Ability to Use 2 Batteries

Bad: For DSC PowerG Sirens Only, Must be Replaced at End of Life

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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