50-Foot Outdoor Antenna for PowerSeries NEO LTE Communicators

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The DSC LTE-50ANT is a 50-foot antenna used with LTE cellular communicators for DSC Alarm Systems. It is compatible with LTE communicators for PowerSeries NEO, original PowerSeries, Alexor, and Impassa. This antenna will boost cell signals. Purchase the DSC LTE-50ANT from Alarm Grid.
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To boost cell signals, it may be necessary to add a cellular antenna like the DSC LTE-50ANT. This 50-foot cellular antenna can be used with DSC PowerSeries NEO LTE Cellular Communicators. Your alarm company may advise that you add a cellular antenna if you live in a particularly rural area.

The DSC LTE-50ANT is primarily used with LTE communicators for DSC PowerSeries NEO Alarm Systems. Compatible LTE cellular communicators for the DSC LTE-50ANT include both the DSC TL880LEAT N and DSC TL880LTVZ N, as well as the earlier "non-N" models. You can also use it with the LTE modules for other DSC Alarm Systems, including the original DSC PowerSeries, DSC Alexor, and DSC Impassa.

On average, most users in the United States don't need to use anything beyond the included "stock" antennas for the LTE cellular communicators used with their security systems. However, some users in more rural areas that are far away from cell towers may need something extra for a boost in signal. That is where an added cellular antenna like the DSC LTE-50ANT can come in handy.

Before you buy the DSC LTE-50ANT, you might try seeing if the "stock" antenna that came bundled with your DSC Panel's LTE cellular communicator is enough. Make sure to position the antenna as high up as possible, and away from any large metal objects. Also remember to have it facing towards the nearest cell tower. Your alarm monitoring company can run a signal test to determine if an added antenna like the DSC LTE-50ANT is needed. In the event that you do need an added antenna, the DSC LTE-50ANT can be used indoors or outdoors, allowing you to use it in the best location for your system.

Please note that this same DSC Outdoor Cellular Antenna is also available in shorter 15-foot (DSC LTE-15ANT) and 25-foot (DSC LTE-25ANT) lengths instead. Those can be a good alternative if you do not need an antenna as long a 50 feet. You can also mount any of these antenna's outside your alarm panel's metal enclosure if needed. Some users may find that doing so is useful if the panel is in a better location than the LTE cellular communicator. Make sure that you install the antenna properly to achieve the best possible cellular signal.


  • Product Type: Cellular Antenna
  • Compatibility: DSC LTE Communicators - PowerSeries NEO, PowerSeries, Alexor, Impassa, IQ Pro w/metal enclosure only (requires qty 2)
  • Cable Length: 25 Feet
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Both
  • Cellular Gain: 3dBi
  • Polarization: Linear Vertical
  • Frequency: 698 to ~2700MHz
  • Azimuth Beam Width: Omni-Directional
  • Radiating Element: 1/4 Wave Helical
  • Admitted Power: 100W
  • Connection Type: RP-SMA Coaxial
  • Antenna Length: 333mm
  • Antenna Diameter: 35mm
  • Cable Type: 7D-FB
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 176°F

Brand: Qolsys DSC

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