Alarm.com AT&T LTE Dual Path Communicator for PowerSeries Neo

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The DSC TL880LEAT N is a dual-path Alarm.com Communicator for DSC PowerSeries NEO Panels. The device allows a NEO System to communicate across IP and the AT&T LTE Network. A monitoring plan with cellular service is required to activate. Buy the DSC TL880LEAT N Dual-Path Communicator here.
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One of the first additions you will want to make to a DSC PowerSeries NEO System is a reliable communicator. The DSC TL880LEAT N is a dual path LTE/IP Communicator for NEO Systems. It allows the system to connect with the Alarm.com servers for fast and reliable monitoring service.

Whenever your DSC PowerSeries NEO System needs to send out a signal, it will do so across the AT&T LTE Cellular Network and through a hardwired ethernet connection. Whichever signal reaches the intended destination first will go through. In other words, the signals will back each other up in case one goes down. This works out great, as IP is generally a little bit fast than cellular, but it is also more unreliable. LTE is nearly as fast as IP, but it almost never goes down. With a dual-path communicator like the DSC TL880LEAT N, your system will have a fast and reliable connection that you can always count on.

Going with an LTE communicator provides several important advantages. Cellular service providers have stated that they plan to support their LTE networks well into the very distant future. Meanwhile, older cellular networks like 3G and 4G are in the process of being shut down. By adding an LTE communicator, you can rest easy in knowing that your security system can remain monitored for many years to come. You will also be able to take advantage of the fast speeds that come with LTE. A communicator like the DSC TL880LEAT N is absolutely a great long-term investment for your PowerSeries NEO System.

The DSC TL880LEAT N will also allow your panel to connect with Alarm.com. This is an interactive monitoring and automation platform designed specifically for compatible security systems. You can easily access Alarm.com from its website or remotely from the Alarm.com Mobile App. Once you have have accessed Alarm.com, you can arm and disarm your system, check its current status, control Z-Wave devices, and more. This communicator also doubles as a Z-Wave Plus Controller, meaning you can start building a Z-Wave network of smart devices for use with Alarm.com. Keep in mind that you will need an alarm monitoring plan with access to Alarm.com to use this communicator.

Note: This communicator is compatible with Neo HS2016/ HS2032/HS2064/ HS2128 V1.1+ Security Panels. If you are looking for a Verizon LTE Communicator, it is available here.

Note: This communicator also works with the DSC PowerSeries PRO Panels HS3032, HS3128, and HS3248 V1.01+.

Note: The DSC PCL-422 Remote Mounting Module is needed for connecting the communicator to the panel. This module comes included with the communicator.

Brand: DSC

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