Alarm.com Verizon LTE Dual Path Communicator for PowerSeries Neo

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The DSC PowerSeries Neo Alarm.com Verizon LTE Dual Path Communicator will allow a DSC PowerSeries Neo Alarm System to connect to the network using a dual-path LTE cellular and ethernet connection. If the internet goes down, the panel will remain monitored using cellular. Get your DSC PowerSeries Neo monitored.
  • Alarm.com
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Home Assistant
  • Z-Wave
  • Z-Wave Plus

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Owners of a DSC PowerSeries Neo Alarm System who want their panel to utilize a fast and reliable dual path connection cannot go wrong with the Alarm.com Verizon LTE Dual Path Communicator. This module will allow the system to connect with the network using both cellular and ethernet.

The way that dual-path monitoring works is that the panel will send out signals through both cellular and IP. In most cases, IP connectivity is just slightly faster. Therefore, a user can expect that most of their signal transmissions will be sent through ethernet. But there might be occasions when the internet is down or the electricity goes out. In these cases, the panel will still be able to rely on cellular connectivity for monitoring. And since this communicator connects to the Verizon LTE Network, a user can expect that their system will still enjoy consistently fast speeds when this happens.

In addition to providing fast and reliable monitoring services, this communicator will also allow the DSC PowerSeries Neo System to connect with Alarm.com. This is an interactive service platform that can make a user's life much easier. Alarm.com can be accessed through a web browser or remotely from virtually anywhere using the Alarm.com Mobile App. Once a user has accessed Alarm.com, they can perform various functions, such as arming and disarming their system, checking the current status of security sensors, controlling Z-Wave smart home devices and more. Speaking of which, this module also serves as a Z-Wave controller for supporting Z-Wave devices that can be controlled through Alarm.com.

Note: This communicator is compatible with Neo HS2016/ HS2032/HS2064/ HS2128 V1.1+ Security Panels.

Note: The DSC PCL-422 Remote Mounting Module is needed for connecting the communicator to the panel. This module comes included with the communicator.

Brand: DSC

Discontinued for DSC TL880LTVZ N
Submitted on 08/23/2019 Alarm Grid


The DSC TL880LTVZ has been discontinued. The replacement communicator is called the DSC TL880LTVZ N. We understand that these two product names can be easily confused. But just know that the DSC TL880LTVZ N is newer and offers improved performance. If you are looking for a dual-path Verizon LTE communicator for a DSC PowerSeries NEO, make sure you get the DSC TL880LTVZ N.

There are many advantages to adding a dual-path communicator to your alarm system. The module will provide fast and reliable connectivity for your system. Dual-path means that the communicator works across cellular and IP. An Alarm.com Dual-Path Communicator like the TL880LTVZ or the TL880LTVZ N will send out signals across both LTE and IP. In most cases, the IP signal will go through first. This is because IP is usually a little bit faster than cellular. But if the internet ever goes down, then it will be okay. The cellular connection will provide a trustworthy backup option for these situations. A good cellular connection is extremely reliable. It is virtually unheard of for cellular service to randomly go down or become unavailable for a significant period of time.

Our technicians have found that both the DSC TL880LTVZ and the DSC TL880LTVZ N both work quite well with a DSC PowerSeries NEO System. But as the DSC TL880LTVZ N is newer and offers better performance, that is the one to get. No new features have been added to the TL880LTVZ N from the TL880LTVZ, but all of the same great features have returned. This includes a built-in Z-Wave Plus controller, and the ability to use Alarm.com to integrate your DSC PowerSeries NEO System with smart platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Bottom line, if you already have a DSC TL880LTVZ, then it will work fine, and there is no reason to upgrade. But if you are looking for a new communicator, get the DSC TL880LTVZ N instead.

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