Alarm.com Verizon LTE Dual Path Communicator for PowerSeries Neo

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The DSC TL880TLVZ N is an Alarm.com Dual-Path Communicator designed for use with the DSC PowerSeries NEO System. This communicator lets the system receive reliable alarm monitoring service. A cellular alarm monitoring plan is required to activate the module. Buy the DSC TL880LTVZ N here.
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If you have a DSC PowerSeries NEO Security Panel, then you will want to ensure that it receives reliable monitoring service. The best way to do that is with a dual-path communicator like the DSC TL880LTVZ N. The communicator uses hardwired ethernet and connects with the Verizon LTE Network.

Using a dual-path communicator with an alarm system is always recommended. If one communication path goes down, then the other path will be there to back it up. This is very important for ensuring that the system remains continuously connected with the Alarm.com Servers for reliable monitoring service. Typically, the system will rely on IP (ethernet) connectivity. This is because IP service is usually faster than cellular. However, IP service is also more likely to go down. If that happens, the cellular communicator will be there to back it up.

This communicator connects with the Verizon LTE Network. This network provides fast and reliable connectivity in the event that IP service is down or unavailable. According to Verizon, their LTE network will remain in service for many years to come. Choosing this communicator will ensure that your DSC PowerSeries NEO System can remain actively monitored for many years to come. End users will also experience great peace of mind in knowing that they have reliable and trustworthy dual-path connectivity for their system.

Installing and activating this communicator will also allow the DSC PowerSeries NEO System to connect with the Alarm.com Servers. This will allow the user to access the Alarm.com to control their system remotely. They can do this from the Alarm.com Mobile App on their smartphones. Users can access Alarm.com at any time to arm and disarm their systems, check the current system status, control Z-Wave smart home devices and more. This communicator also effectively doubles as a Z-Wave Plus controller. No additional hardware is needed to use Z-Wave devices. Remember, you will need an appropriate alarm monitoring plan to activate the communicator.

Note: This communicator is compatible with Neo HS2016/ HS2032/HS2064/ HS2128 V1.1+ Security Panels. If you are looking for an AT&T LTE Communicator, it is available here.

Note: This communicator also works with the DSC PowerSeries PRO Panels HS3032, HS3128, and HS3248 V1.01+.

Note: The DSC PCL-422 Remote Mounting Module is needed for connecting the communicator to the panel. This module comes included with the communicator.

Brand: DSC

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