AC Transformer 16.5VAC, 40VA

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The DSC PTD1640U is a transformer that works with the DSC PowerSeries NEO and Honeywell VISTA Security Panels. It has specifications of 16.5VAC, 40VA. You will also require alarm wiring to connect it to the panel. Purchase the DSC PTD1640U 16.5VAC, 40VA Transformer from Alarm Grid.
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Those needing a 16.5VAC, 40VA transformer can turn to the DSC PTD1640U. Its specifications allow it to work nicely with a DSC PowerSeries NEO or a Honeywell VISTA Security System. The transformer offers enough power to keep both the panel and a connected alarm communicator running.

In terms of power specifications, the DSC PTD1640U is exactly the same at the Honeywell 1361-GT. The means that the two can be used interchangeably for the most part. The DSC PTD1640U has a screw slot at the top that you can use to screw it into the wall outlet. This is optional if you want to make it more difficult for the transformer to become accidentally disconnected. However, unlike the 1361-GT, the DSC PTD1640U does not have a middle GND terminal. It only has the two (2) side AC terminals. Certain applications may warrant the GND terminal, but most alarm systems will work without it.

Since the DSC PTD1640U uses AC power, polarity does not need to be observed when connecting wires to the terminals. The use of 18-gauge or 22-gauge wire is recommended for most installations. Refer to the installation manual for the panel and/or communicator you are powering to determine the maximum allowed wire run. Using thicker 18-AWG wire will allow for longer wire rungs, but 22-AWG wire can be more flexible and easier to work with.

When setting up the DSC PD1640U, make sure to properly wire the transformer to the device before plugging it in. Plugging in the transformer before completing the wiring may cause damage to the transformer and/or the device(s) that it is powering. Keep in mind that Alarm Grid does not offer refunds or returns on transformers due to the equipment involved. Make sure to take great caution and care when setting up any transformer.


  • Product Type: AC Transformer
  • Power Rating: 16.5VAC, 40VA
  • GND Terminal: No
  • Outlet Screw Slot: Yes

Brand: DSC

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