Honeywell VISTA-20P

Wired Alarm Control Panel

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The Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA 20P is one of Honeywell's most popular panels. If you are looking for a state-of-the art, wired security system capable of modern, sophisticated security and home automation, look no further than the VISTA 20P.
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The Honeywell VISTA-20P is an alarm control panel and a member of the Honeywell VISTA Series of security systems. This workhorse of a panel has been around for a very long time, once being known as the ADEMCO VISTA 20P. While the VISTA-20P is considered a residential alarm control panel, it is certainly equipped with enough features to be used in light commercial settings as well. The VISTA-20P consists of a circuit board installed inside of a metal alarm cabinet. Alarm keypads, hardwired alarm devices, wireless receivers, wired expansion modules, programmable relays and alarm sirens can all be connected to the alarm control panel’s circuit board to customize your security system. Unlike the self-contained wireless alarm control panels such as the Honeywell LYNX Plus or Honeywell LYNX Touch, the VISTA-20P alarm control panel will need to be paired with at least (1) alarm keypad to control the security system.

The Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel supports up to (64) total zones of protection. There are (8) hardwired zones built into the alarm control panel itself. Using the zone doubling feature, you can expand those (8) zones up to a total of (15) zones. You can also add wired or wireless expansion modules to expand the total number of zones. When upgraded with a Honeywell 5881ENH unlimited zone wireless receiver, you can add up to (56) wireless zones using any of the Honeywell 5800 Series wireless devices for a total of (64) zones of protection. You can also use hardwired zone expanders, like the Honeywell 4219, if you would like to use up to (48) wired zones. Zones 49 - 64 are classified as button zones, also known as key fob zones. However, these zones can actually be used as any type of wireless zone, if the need arises. Zone 1 on the VISTA-20P is setup by default as a fire protection zone and supports up to (16) two-wire smoke detectors but can also be reprogrammed for any other zone type as well.

The Honeywell VISTA-20P can also be partitioned, and features (2) partitions which can protect (2) independent areas. There is also an optional 3rd partition called a common partition. You are able to arm either partition, while leaving the common area disarmed so that either of the primary partitions is accessible. When both partitions 1 and 2 are armed, the common partition will automatically arm as well. The Honeywell VISTA-20P is controlled by wired alarm keypads and you can add up to (8) console keypads such as the Honeywell 6150, Honeywell 6150RF, or Honeywell 6160V. In addition to the (8) console keypads, you can also add up to (4) touchscreen keypads, including the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch or Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI using the (4) AUI device addresses.

We do not recommend using an AUI touchscreen keypad to program your Honeywell VISTA-20P. In fact, a fixed English console keypad such as the Honeywell 6148 is not recommended for alarm control panel programming either as you will not be able to navigate any of the menu-driven programming locations with this type of keypad. Alarm Grid suggests at least one alphanumeric alarm keypad such as the Honeywell 6160 to be installed with your VISTA-20P for full programming access. The Honeywell 6160RF alarm keypad with unlimited zone wireless receiver is an ideal addition to a VISTA-20P alarm control panel as it upgrades the VISTA-20P with (56) available wireless zones and provides access to the advanced programming menus using a single device.

The Honeywell alarm control panel is powered by an included plug-in 120VAC input to 16.5VAC output (25VA) step-down transformer (Honeywell 1321) which must be wired to terminals 1 and 2 on the VISTA-20P alarm control panel’s terminal strip. Terminals 4 and 5 provide auxiliary power (up to a maximum of 12VDC, 600mA) for powering devices like keypads, motion detectors, glass break detectors, etc. Terminals 3 and 4 supply up to a 12VDC, 2AMP alarm output for compatible sounders. When a burglar alarm is tripped, the VISTA-20P uses a steady output and when a fire alarm is tripped, a temporal pulse is used. A rechargeable sealed lead-acid type battery can also be used to provide backup power during power outages. You must use at least a 12VDC, 4AH backup battery which should provide up to (24) hours of backup power.

You can use terminals 21-24 to wire a traditional phone line to your Honeywell VISTA-20P if you want phone line alarm monitoring for your alarm control panel. As more and more security system owners are getting rid of their home telephones, the VISTA-20P is also compatible with the AlarmNet alternative alarm monitoring communicators. Add the Honeywell 7847i for internet alarm monitoring, the Honeywell LTE-XA or LTE-XV or Honeywell LTE-IV or LTE-IA for dual path monitoring which uses both internet and cellular GSM communications.

Brand: Honeywell ADEMCO

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Vista 20-P
Submitted on 09/25/2013 Jason Cleary

I'm a long time Vista user, since the Vista 5.
I was delighted to hear the Vista 20 can now interface to my Ericsson T-68i as i have already implemented a voice command system, eg, when i say " Office" or " Control Room" (sometimes i have to say these commands twice) the T-68i runs and internal batch file on the sub-processor and engages the software functions to work accordingly.
Do you think there will be a code release to interface the Vista 20 to my automated dog feeding setup? Essentially its a set of macros that run server-side and enable windows core services to allow machine code, that in turn enables virtual relays & I/O to lift a flap on the dog food container, once my pet comes within proximity range ( 15-30cm) of the embedded receiver on his bowl.

I look forward to Honeywells response. Thanks, Jason Cleary

DIY Install
Submitted on 09/12/2012 CLARK

Did a DIY install of the Vista 20p. Coupled it with the Tuxedo touch. I don't think I've evr had more fun. I'm not a giant alarm system nerd, so I don' tknow what's out there as an alternative, but this was a blast to install, and I like the functionality of tthe Tuxedo Touch. It looks great, and it functions awesome.

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