DSC WS4936

Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/ Fixed Temperature and Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector

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The DSC WS4936 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector with built-in Fixed Temperature and Rate-of-Rise Heat detector operates at 433 MHz. It is compatible with all DSC 433 MHz wireless receivers. Buy the DSC WS4936 from Alarm Grid!
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The DSC WS4936 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector with built-in Fixed Temperature and Rate-of-Rise Heat detector operates at 433 MHz. It is compatible with all DSC 433 MHz wireless receivers. These receivers are usually found on older DSC systems that do not support PowerG technology.

The WS4936 offers a list of impressive features. In addition to smoke detection, the detector will signal a heat alarm if the ambient temperature exceeds the threshold of 135℉ (57℃). It will automatically restore when the ambient temperature falls below this threshold. The WS4936 will also signal a heat alarm if there is a rapid increase in temperature over a short time period. In addition to its impressive smoke and heat sensing capabilities, the WS4936 also boasts impressive false alarm reduction features.

One of the primary methods used to reduce false alarms is drift compensation. Drift compensation allows the smoke to monitor itself for changes in sensitivity. As things like dust or other debris accumulate in the sensing chamber, the smoke detector's ability to detect the presence of smoke will change. As the WS4936 senses these changes it will compensate for them, maintaining a steady detection capability. If the dust or other debris in the sensing chamber builds up to a point that the detector can no longer properly compensate for it, the WS4936 will send a trouble signal to the alarm panel. It does this in plenty of time for maintenance to be performed, before the smoke detector is in danger of signaling a false alarm.

At seven (7) to eight (8) second intervals, the WS4936 tests for the presence of smoke or heat conditions. During this sequence, it also performs a self-diagnostic (this is where Drift Compensation occurs) and checks for tamper or fault conditions. During normal operation, the green LED present on the smoke will flash once every 12 seconds. If the detector senses the presence of smoke in excess of its alarm threshold, it will signal an alarm and send an alarm signal to the system. It will remain in alarm until the smoke or heat condition falls below the threshold for restore. At that point, it will send an alarm restore signal to the system and stop sounding. During an alarm condition, the LED will flash once-per-second, and the sounder will provide the ANSI Temporal 3 pattern. For full operational behavior and LED indications, refer to the Installation Instructions.

The DSC WS4936 is compatible with the IMPASSA Self-contained 2-Way Wireless System, ALEXOR 2-Way Wireless Systems, the DSC SCW9045/9047 PowerSeries Self-Contained Wireless Alarm System, the DSC Touch 7" 'All-in-One' Touchscreen SCW9067 AKA DSC Touch, PowerSeries Wireless Receivers PC5132-433/ RF5132-433 / RF5108-433, PowerSeries RFK Keypads RFK55XX-433, MAXSYS Wireless Receivers PC4164-433 / RF4164-433, WS4920 Wireless Repeater.

Read here to learn the difference between smoke detectors and smoke alarms. Photoelectric smoke detectors work with an alarm system, and when properly maintained and tested, can last for an indefinite period and do not automatically require replacement after a certain period of time like smoke alarms and CO detectors do.


  • Diameter: 5" (125 mm)
  • Height: 2.5" (63 mm)
  • Weight: With Battery 8.75 oz. (243 g)
  • Battery: 3 AAA, Included
  • Mounting: Surface mount with screws
  • Regulatory Listing: UL268/ULC-S531
  • Spacing Rating: 70' (21.3m)
  • Alarm Sensitivity Threshold: 1.26 - 2.39%/foot obscuration
  • Audible Signal: ANSI Temporal 3 @ 85dBA min. in alarm
  • Operating Temperature: 40℉ - 100℉ (4.4℃ - 37.8℃)
  • Fixed Heat Alarm: 135℉ (57℃)
  • Approved Batteries: 3 AAA Duracell, Procell PC2400, or Energizer E92
  • Alarm Silencing: 8 Minutes Automatically Resettable
  • Supervisory Transmission Rate: 64 Minute Intervals
  • Low Battery Detection: Signals Low Battery at 14 Days Remaining

Brand: DSC

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