Desk Mount Kit for WTK5504 Touchscreen Keypad


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The DSC WTK5504DMK is a desk mount kit for the WT5504 touchscreen keypad controller. The kit includes desk mount to make installing the keypad even easier and an AC plug-in transformer for providing reliable power to the keypad. Purchase the DSC WTK5504DMK from the Alarm Grid site.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The DSC WTK5504DMK includes desk mount and plug-in AC transformer for the DSC WTK5504 Touchscreen Keypad. The desk mount will make installing the keypad easier by avoiding the need for wall mounting. The AC transformer will provide reliable power to the keypad over battery power.

The DSC WTK5504 Touchscreen Keypad is useful for anyone who wants to add a secondary controller for their DSC System. However, it should not be used as the primary controller, as it does not provide access to installer-level programming. If you require a keypad for programming, we recommend using the DSC WT5500 Touch-Button Keypad instead. But if you do have a standalone WTK5504, then this kit can be a great way to upgrade the device.


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